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S-fool:"EdithKeeler and jwiest are referring to the highest marginal tax rates, which are, in fact, much lower now than they were when we enjoyed great economic growth in the 50s and 60s."

But what little Edith and j-wiest aren't telling you is that back then, the rich only paid 60% of all INCOME taxes.....and now they pay 90% of all INCOME taxes


S-fool"The rich pay more in taxes now, but they control far more of the nation's wealth than they did then."

Oh, there you go again. "Wealth Envy">......

So you don't like the fact that Steve Jobs, one of a dozen or so super entreprenuers, made himself and Apple Shareholders filthy rich? YOU MEAN YOU DIDN"T OWN APPLE STOCK? Oh, poor little you.

Or the fact that Bill Gates is a gazillionaire and you aren't. And you are envious of 'his wealth'? And you didn't buy MSFT stock when it came out and got rich? Or Oracle stock and Larry Elision? Too bad.

Once've got bad 'wealth envy'.

Notice that you didn't even say ... far more of the nation's INCOME.....

it's always about wealth envy!


S-Fool:" Barring a super-race of remarkably smart and productive wealthy folk (were their predecessors 50 years ago so much dumber or less productive?), this just means the rich are richer than they were in comparative terms 50 years ago."

really? Ever hear of the Rockerfellers? And 100 years ago, there were tycoons even 'richer' than those in the 50s.

ANd you don't think Sears and Roebuck and MOntgomery WArd spawned families of 'rich folks'?

gimme a break...

We got a 20 year old kid who started FAcebook and turned into a gazillionaire. Started with near zero...and made out...

ANd we got others...Twitter....Gazinga, imaging and more type stuff than you can shake a stick at. Game folks. Lots of new millionaires.

You libs always have problems with a constant size pie. Folks are moving into the 'rich' category all the time. And falling out of it, too. YOu never seem to mention that, right?

Plus we got these movie stars who show up out of nowhere, make $30 million a $50,000,000 million mansions....

Same for football and NBA 'stars'....20 million signing bonus. Oh, the 'wealth' must be really upset, right? All those new millionaires year after year after year.


S-Fool:" Guess what that means about how much of the nation's wealth is held by everyone else compared to 50 years ago?" you admit it's wealth envy!...plain and simple.

We don't have a 'wealth tax'. We have an income tax. Kapisch?

You got wealth envy. Libs...see money, want it. Want private property to give to others. Seniors own their home, while 'poor people' don't. You want their houses, right? EVEN if they live on SS, you see their 'wealth'....want it.

S-fool:"And yet some advocate for squeezing the bottom quintiles harder for taxes, because a maximum 39 percent marginal tax rate is so hard for today's richer Richie Rich (paying an effective tax rate of 13 percent or so) to bear."

Well, be happy that Romney paid 14%...he could have paid less. and your bud Buffet probably only paid 14% or less. That's the law.

You libs never understand the RISK involved in investing. YOU GOT A JOB< YOU GOT 100% chance of getting paid and getting paid what you are due.

You buy a stock, you could lose your shirt tomorrow. Big difference. Or you could make 20%. BUt it is YOUR money at risk. You just don't understand risk......

typical libs....see wealth want it...see income...want it....

You won't be happy till you have 100% tax, the gov't takes your check and maybe barely gives you enough to live on while 10 freeloading weenies get their EBT cards from your paycheck.

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