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I am from Buffalo, NY where the company was started by Mr Greatbatch. Back in 1985, a friend of mine accepted an engineering position with the company. The rest of us were envious. Greatbatch was a premier place to work, cutting edge technology, developing product to help people, a growing company.

Well have things changed. Mr Greatbatch left the company. New management from a local GM division came in. First management purchased a plant from another local Buffalo company. Then after they purchased it, they decided they could not use it - it was not suitable for a production facility. No clear direction. I do not think they know where the company should be taken.

If you are interested in my personal opinions, email me -

Now the stock has hit a real low. WOW.

Very few follow the stock, few are interested now.

I long for the 1980's !

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>do not think they know where the company should be taken.

Sure they do! They're taking it to Mexico! They're putting millions into a plant down there. I'll bet GB leaves the US within five years.

-from another Buffalo NY native who happens to be the spouse of one of those laid off from GB back in June (and not planning to follow the jobs to Mexico).
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