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I think I understand how the math challenged teabaggers end up posting these outrageous lies. They all watch the same liars on FuxNews and listen to the same liars on the radio talk shows and read the same lying bloggers. The echo chamber picks up the lies they want to believe and repeats them, embellishes them, and amplifies them. It doesn't take long before the ill-informed, angry, fearful teabagger posts that nonsense on these boards.

The part I find really interesting, though, is their complete inability or refusal to learn. Some of the most prolific wingnut posters on PA and this board have their lies outed every single day. They post this nonsense, get some of their wingnut friends to create a little posting circle jerk for a handful or a dozen posts, then someone who isn't math or truth challenged posts actual data or an in-depth investigative report that completely de-bunks their delusional posts. The wingnuts get exposed as complete charlatans and ignorant, math challenged fools. But tomorrow, they do it all over again. In some cases, they re-cycle their de-bunked lies only a few days after they've been exposed to be false.

Not only do I find it interesting that they seem unable or unwilling to learn, but I find it interesting that they seem to find enjoyment in being exposed to be fools on a daily basis. Why don't they feel embarrassed? Interesting. (my bold)
great post, salarguru. I don't understand it either, except the Karl Roves and Roger Ailes of the world were making great progress at hoodwinking the public until recent years. They still do in Republican land. But the tide is changing and the minority population is exploding. They will be the salvation of the US because I don't believe they will vote in significant numbers for Republicans. Did you see the article (maybe here on the boards) that the minority population in California will be greater than the whites I think by next year? I still don't know if we can call them the minority when they dominate.
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