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salaryguru:"This is part of the fallout of the way "No child left behind" was implemented. Teabaggers raped our schools of adequate funding, then established a priority for what money was left to raise the floor on the bottom of the class. The unintended consequence was a drastic lowering of the ceiling. As a nation, we will suffer for years from this. "

Actually, it's more like the libs demanded more and more and more and more stuff for schools. more the tens of thousands. More 'compliance' officers for 100,000 pages of regulations, with at least 5000 new directives each year. It was tens of thousands of admin types to fill in the paper forms for 'diversity' and 'ethnicity' and 'division of students by minority races, districts' was a focus on bean counting of counting white, yellow, red, black, tan, brown students and making sure 'quotas' were met. it was dumbing down athletic programs so boys programs didn't cost more than girls programs.....or you had to waste money on girls programs to match the better spent money for boys gym program.

It was nice faculty lounges for every growing faculty/admin per student everywhere.

Way back when, when schools did their jobs for the most part, where you had shop and auto mechanics, and vocational didn't have 50% overhead in extra 'teaching assistants, administrators, councilors, diversity czars, community outreach types, social welfare types, paperwork shufflers, etc.

For a high school of 500, we had a principal, a vice principle, a guidance councilor, and maybe 3 secretaries/file clerks......and that was it. now, you have a staff of 30 for the same size school......

Yes, the Tea Party is right to starve the beast. It's failing and the bloat is omni-present. Worse, you can't even fire the 'rubber room teachers or ones who can't teach well.

We need 20 times the number of charter schools to help out.

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