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Brazil is hands down my number #1 funnest place in the world. I think Brazil invented the party. They are the most partying people in the world and they hold the world's biggest party which is Mardi Gras Rio.

Mardi Gras Rio hands down beats anything in the world for fun......It just does. No one can name a comparable party on the scale of Mardi Gras Rio.

Right now, I am just in a Brazilian mood. I have been reminiscing on my time in Rio because I played this song:

That song was out when I was in Rio and I had this little romance with this girl I met when my ship went to Rio in 1987. I used to get off of the ship every night and go to the then infamous seaman bars named the Cowboy Bar and Florida Bar. Brazil was SUPER wild in was wide, wide open.

It was hands down the funnest time in my life.....and the funnest time in my life got attached to the Dirty Dancing song because I would get stumbling drunk off of Brahma and I would be hanging with my partners from the ship and we all grabbed our dream girls.... I had met this one girl in a whirl wind romance that lasted 3 weeks.

Me and my ship mates would get off work at 4 PM, be in the bars by 5 PM, meet our girls by 7 in the bar until about 3 AM....grab a hotel by 4 AM, get maybe 1 or 2 hours of sleep after some recreational activities and then back to the ship by 8 AM, where I would go to work into a dirty, very hot engine room and sweat the alcohol out all day in a perpetual hangover...the whole day everyone would be saying, "I am going to stay on the ship tonight" but then 4 PM would roll around and we would start the whole thing again....THERE IS NOTHING LIKE RIO back in the day.....Even the Rio of today can not compare to back then....It is a lost time. I have so many stories that I have never told because they only really have meaning to the people that were there at that time with me.

Every night, it was the same thing...Drink some Brahma...Eat some Batatas Fritas then head to the Florida Bar where I would meet up with my girl and they kept playing the song, "I had the time of my life and I never felt this way before"......and you know what? It was true. I never felt that way before and I never felt that way since. I did my own "Dirty Dancing"...I did not have to watch no stinking movie because I lived it....

I left a piece of my heart in Brazil because later on I found out that girl I was with got murdered in the streets of is so cheap there. I can never hear that Dirty Dancing song without crying....I cry for many reasons. I cry because I know it is impossible to recapture that height of fun ever again. I cry for my lost youth. I cry most of all for the girl....It was a very sad thing.

I been so many places in the world but Brazil was the funnest...nothing else compares....It is just everything about the place....the music, the food, the people, the party atmosphere....for a just graduated college age kid....well, it is like a kid in the candy store.

Enough reminiscing...I just found this clip that gives a example of what I like about Brazil..You could be just walking down the street in some parts of Brazil and all of a sudden you will run across people playing the samba drums and dancing the samba. Guys this girl would burn you on the dance floor. Even the Brazilian guys used to dancing Samba can't hang with this girl in the video...I just laugh....these Brazilian girls are something else:

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