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Cool hurricane Sandy before and after pictures.
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Those are amazing pictures and a great link. Thanks for sharing.

I had heard that Sandy created a new seashore and you can see new inlets in some of the photos. Also, did you notice how close or actually on the ocean the development is? Will development stakeholders make some changes to protect against such devastation or will everyone just build right back where they own land or development?

We have to stop building right on the ocean. And especially not on barrier islands. It's crazy. I heard the report on NPR (below) about insurance. One guy said that there is a clause in some home owners' policies called anti concurrent causation clause. If you have two events damage your house at the same time, like wind and flood, they cancel each other out. Filing a claim for your house might be the easy part. Getting the claim paid might be harder. Hurricane clause? Sandy wasn't officially a hurricane when it made landfall. And some deductibles are 20% which could be a huge amount of money for home owners.

audio - worth listening to if you own a home
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oops! forgot to rec your post...and now I am out. Maybe after midnight...
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