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Not to be obtuse, and perhaps OCD is rearing its anal-retentive head, but could i ask of you, bookgrrl (or her proxy), to clarify just what exactly we should send for this year's project?

In the initial post:

the two things that were mentioned were:

- Toys for the homeless kids
- Turkeys or hams for the moms and kids

In the subsequent posts that followed the initial one, there were lots of (great) ideas thrown around and many "I'm in!"s. There were also some questions raised that i haven't seen answered.

I didn't see anything organized come together like last year. Granted, it's different this year and it's also entirely possible that i missed something.

Regardless, if for no other reason than to shut me (and the voices in my head) up, would someone resolve these nagging questions?

+ Are there specific toys to get?
+ Are there specific age ranges to buy for?
+ Are "gently used" items acceptable?
+ Should the gifts be wrapped or unwrapped? (And tagged "12 y.o. girl clothing" or whatever if wrapped?)
+ What grocery stores are in the area?

Any and all guidance is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

anxious to participate and time's runnin' out!
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LOL! Don't get snippee about it <sorry, couldn't resist>

Anywho ~ there was no mention of specific toys or ages. The items I sent were unwrapped. Following the lead of the Salvation Army, I sent the items unwrapped. This enables the folks handing the toys out to consider the child and the toy without making further guesses.

I thought someone mentioned some of the stores in that area - can't recall the post <possibly my imagination>. I know there was mention as to why frozen turkeys wouldn't fly <no pun intended>.

Naturally, a check/money order can go a long way to fulfill their needs as well.

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I had planned to buy stuff, but after one bout at the Maul of America, I gave up. I'm sending $$. 'Twill be a bit easier on the shipping costs, at least...
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