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>>Perhaps this conversation is best had on a Christian's board. We're trying to solve real-life problems here. <<

I have had many of the same issues and have had tremendous success in dealing with them. You can learn from my experience or not.

>>I'm glad that religion is a source of support for you, and I would never presume to take away something that gives anyone comfort. But god is not going to intervene and make any of our difficult exes behave, and the fact that they may burn in hell is little consolation to those of us dealing with these issues every day.<<

Christ and my future are my comfort, not religion. God does intervene when asked in obedience and repentence, the bible contains everything humans need to deal with daily problems. You should read it sometime.

>>Frankly, I like to procreate, and since I don't make others responsible for the consequences of my actions, I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your mind out of my bedroom. <<

My mind couldn't care less about your bedroom, but others will feel the consequences of your actions. Your lovers, your family and friends, your kids, their teachers and classmates, your future husband - you do not live in a vacuum. If you contract a communicable disease, you affect everyone you come in contact with.

>>Your views reduce sex to some carnal activity instead of acknowledging it for the intimacy it is. There may be risks, but careful selection, proper testing and protection and attention to birth control reduce those risks to almost nothing. Crossing the street can be more dangerous. Perhaps you should consider extending your faith in god to having some faith in people. <<

Actually, it is your views that have reduced sex to carnal activity. It is blessed by God only in the context of marriage. You are fooled if you think you have reduced the risks to almost nothing by any of the above. Condoms have a failure rate (resulting in pregnancy) about 18% of the time. Since a woman can only get pregnant 3-4 days a month, the actual failure rate is closer to 32%, and you consider this safe sex. If parachutes had an 18% failure rate, I suppose you would call that safe parachuting? The virus that causes cervical cancer passes right through condoms even intact. Chlamydia kills more women than AIDS. I think I'll take my chances crossing the street. You are free to disregard my advice, but I share what has WORKED for me, and it can work for anyone.

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