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SEAL Target Geronimo

Perhaps, like me, you were overjoyed by the news of the death of Osama bin Laden yet confused by the jumbled stories that came out of the CIA and Washington politicians seeking power, prestige and pelf from the event.

A "forty-five minute" firefight from the ground up to a third story room culminated when a suddenly awakened Osama was shot as he reached for a gun? That and other obvious fabrications induced me to buy Chuck Pfarrer's SEAL Target Geronimo The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden.
(Even Amazon's book description has it wrong: Osama wasn't "cowering" when he was shot, he was going for his AKSU. )

Obviously a two hundred and eight page (225 if you count the glossary and other informational add-ons) book about a top secret operation would be telling an awful lot of secrets if it spoke only about the few minutes the raid itself took so Pfarrer opens with an account of an actual operation in which two of SEAL Team Six's "operators" make use of a Predator drone and a Hellfire missile to play laser tag with a known terrorist named Musab al-Zarqawi.

Zarqawi lost.

Pfarrer then goes on to give an extensive history of Islamofascist (my word not his) terrorism and Osama; the man one Western intelligence annalist called "the Madonna of jihad" – meaning he had a little talent and a lot of money.

Before I go on I must tell you about a conversation I once had with a graduate of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy.

This guy was describing a brutal foreign dictatorship as a democracy. When I pointed out the truth he responded that the academy was teaching the official US State department line.

I was reminded of that conversation when reading Pfarrer's description of how our government chooses to see/deal with foreign governments and organizations.

The SEALs, of course, don't buy into that line of crap and Pfarrer's book spells that out along with a lot of details with a caveat: As Sergeant Friday would say, "Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

Did you know nerve gas has been used against US troops hundreds of times (and may still be being used) in Iraq? Although our government and the press ignore reports from their own troops on the ground and the United Nations if you do a search for the words "chemical warfare improvised explosive device (CWIED) in the documents WikiLeaks published you'll find more than 600 documents.

Why would our government and our press ignore such a thing? Because both the government and the press had taken the position that there were no WMD's in Iraq and to acknowledge their mistake after all this time would be too embarrassing.

(So what's the big deal? This next paragraph is my own doing, not Pfarrer's.)

Nuclear devices even a lowly "dirty bomb" are expensive, hard to acquire, difficult to transport and smuggle. But an artillery shell in an ammo can in the middle of a container of scrap metal could easily slip through US Customs. How many fans would die if a 155 shell with a ricin or sarin warhead was blown up with a simple remote control in the bleachers at the Super Bowl or a crowded rush hour subway station at Times Square? I predict poison gas will be the "tool" used in the next foreign based terror attack on the USA.

Getting back to the well deserved death of Osama bin Laden here are a few facts documented in the book:

Only twelve (12) rounds were fired by SEAL Team Six during the entire raid; nothing like the firefights in press reports.

Vice President Biden "outed" the SEALs when he and other politicians raced to grab glory from the raid before US intelligence agencies could exploit the treasure trove of data recovered by the SEALs.

It was a "top down" NOT a "bottom up" operation as the press would have you believe.

From front to back SEAL Target Geronimo is a good read filled with facts and behind the scenes views of the entire US intelligence apparatus. Pjarrer gives readers inside looks at Al Qaeda, Phalange and the Taliban as well as the people who founded them.
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