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A conspiracy minded (a little too much for my tastes), 43 minute documentary on the operation of the world gold markets, with an emphasis on the operation of central bankers. From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

I'm not sure if the video feed is available in America.

Why hasn't the American central bank's supply of gold been audited since 1954, for eaxmple?

Would appreciate the opinion of people with more expertise and knowledge than I have.
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Gee thanks MrC

I have BNN running on the tube, four google and four IE tabs open and now that link running on my Ipad. }};-()

Any <wondering if I can squeeze the wife's 50" Samsung TV into my office since she is out today> mouse

Comment on BNN this morning: US analyst don't understand "rocks" the way Canadian analyst understand "rocks".

Also heard on BNN this morning “We all need Kleenex and diapers... when we are young and when we are old”.
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