No. of Recommendations: 2
Simply give each new American Baby born $25,000.00 dollars(US), to be invested and "lock-boxed". $75 billion a year. Yes, there is the "something for nothing" problem that so disturbs, vexes and perturbs people, but people get "something for nothing" all the time. This year the average Medicare enrollee will get an 8100 dollar taxpayer subsidy, for example.

I'm shocked more "liberals" aren't offering this plan, since super-liberals carelessly vote for $100 billion a year wars, $80 billion a year for farmer welfare and so on. I suspect the babies are left out because 1. they don't vote in large numbers and 2. your average politician do-gooder, lib or con, can't think past next Monday.

$75 billion a year is approx. 2.5% of the federal budget this year and produces the following, real, inflation adjusted returns at 3.5%--after inflation/expense return. Americans only, please. In Baby's name, so the do-gooders (lib and con) have more difficulty stealing it to finance more welfare for old people and/or farmers.

Baby at 55.......$170,899.21 (real, inflation adjusted dollars)
Baby at 60.......$203,531.19
Baby at 65.......$242,394.01
Baby at 70.......$288,677.41

Still strong incentive to "save" depending on lavishness of lifestyle Baby wants. At any rate, Americans as a whole now saving < 0, as in the Great Depression, as opposed to Jimmy Carter Times, about 9% saved.

"It's all about the kiddies". For once, the lib and con do-gooders could say it, and actually mean it. The rest is just chatter. Problem solved, no fantasy <i<dyanamic projections or forecasts required.
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