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To rip the basic quick definitions of a particular company from CAPS into Fool wiki without doing each one manually.

I don't mind doing data entry , but it does seem a bit inefficient to have all that wonderful information (company descriptions e.g.) in CAPS and have to retype it manually into the wiki.

If this is possible ( I fully admit I am no programmer so I can't truly speak to the feasibility of such an action) then I think it could quickly provide a nice skeleton for the wiki and allow us to focus more on the stuff people will really want the wiki for, specific tidbits on a company, terminology, people, investing techniques etc etc.

Just a thought.

keep up the good work, guys

this project I think has a lot of potential.
Could be a great killer.
I know I certainly wouldn't mind having one less site to check for information. :-)
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To rip the basic quick definitions of a particular company from CAPS into Fool wiki without doing each one manually.

Great thought!

I had kind of had the same thing running through my head as I was inputting some data, but I didn't fully form the thought, and so didn't articulate it in any way. I'm sure glad you did! I do think we are endeavoring to accomplish what is redundant with the company info.


What is the TMF thought on this?

I assume that since Yahoo Finance is a "partner," that much of the CAPS data/profile info on each company comes from them? Since it is on CAPS with permission, is it okay to simply copy-and-paste the quick-hit particulars of the profile into the "Flossary" page for each company?

Since we already are linking to CAPS via the ticker symbol link, this makes sense to me. For those who click on the company within Flossary to get a short look at the company but are not interested enough to get the full details, they get it on the Flossary page. If they ARE interested in more detail, they click on the ticker link, and voila! There they are -- at CAPS with a wealth of additional info.

Best regards,
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I think it's a great idea. We're looking into the ifs and hows as we speak. I think there's a good chance we can do this, and I will respond to this thread as soon as I know for sure.

It's funny; we were thinking once Flossary pages were more developed, we could replace the "quick blurb" on the CAPS page with the quick definition from Flossary. I guess it doesn't hurt to see if we can pre-populate Flossary with the CAPS blurb first. Hopefully that blurb/quick-def will evolve to be 100% Foolish over time.

One of our goals is to wire the two sites together to serve different types of people. CAPS members who want more specifics about a company, its products and people can click to Flossary, and Flossary readers who want more up-to-date market information, and the bull and bear takes on companies can click to CAPS.

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Cool! Well I hope it is workable, hopefully without too much extra work for you and your team.

Glad I was able to provide a suggestion that you two found worthwhile. Thanks for the kudos Kathie.

Jeremy I don't think those ideas have to be mutually exclusive, there is nothing to say the fool can't implement what you are talking about (which I think is a fantastic and very useful idea btw) when the wiki matures more.
Phase 2 of Flossary (?) if you will.

Certainly in my mind the quick descriptions from CAPS would be just a starting point. Free to be optimized and Foolified in the future.

In the meantime providing a complete skeletal structure could allow contributors to focus more on the flesh of the entries which I think is where Flossary's true value will be found for the user.
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I checked in on this and it is indeed workable. If all goes well, in two weeks time we'll have the basic page started for most companies that are currently rateable in CAPS.

I really hope we can use this as a base to improve the "blurb" about each company for display on CAPS and Flossary. I don't think they're particularly Foolish in their current form but as you pointed out they will allow Fools to concentrate on the actual content rather than data-entry.

Fantastic idea -- keep 'em coming!

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Hi Fools -- Just wanted you to know that I'm currently running our robot on the wiki to create these pages. I'm starting with the S&P 500:

I should have most of the S&P filled out by the end of tonight. Please feel free to change the quick descriptions of any of these companies. We think the blurbs that we're pulling in from CAPS get the job done but can certainly be improved.

If we like the results of this automation, we'll expand it to the 1k largest companies and work out from there.

Again, a fantastic idea from our community. I hope we can implement more like these. Thanks!

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