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For anyone interested, I tried to promote the world of gaming a bit in today's Fool on the Hill article:

Here's a little more of the article, that didn't manage to get squeezed in -- you might find some useful stuff below:


If you're now interested in learning a little more about the vast array of games available to you, here are some leads:'s 50 Top-rated Games

The Internet Top 100 Games List

BoardGameGeek's Top 50 Games

Note that some are probably best for more experienced gamers, as they're a bit more complex. For what it's worth, here's my current list of games I've read about and hope play or own one day: Carcassonne, Modern Art, Through the Desert, Taj Mahal, Medici, Settlers of Catan, Ra, Acquire, Torres, Lost Cities, Samurai, Bohnanza, Mu, Hare and Tortoise, Cosmic Encounter, Liar's Dice, Schotten-Totten, Battle Cry, Can't Stop, Elfenland, Battle Line, Apples to Apples, High Society, TransAmerica, Wyatt Earp, San Marco, Kahuna, Hera & Zeus, Illuminati, Traumfabrik, Zertz, Expedition, 6 Nimmt!, Wizard, Royal Turf, Twixt, Time's Up, Pueblo, Dvonn, Guillotine, Blokus, Africa.

You can read all about most of these at the wonderful game retailer, ( It has a nifty search feature, too, with which you can look for various kinds of games:

Resources for You

Finally, here are a few last resources for you.

-- The Fool's own Card and Board Games discussion board:
There are also many gaming groups on Yahoo!, such as:
KinderSpielFrieks (about children's games)
[I hope I don't drive anyone away from *this* board with these pointers!]

-- Some games retailers:
Boulder Games
Fair Play Games
Sundown Games

-- Here's a great list of links to all kinds of information and resources:
and another nice list:

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That was a really great article on gaming, doing honor to it, and serving up education to many who, I'm sure, have never heard of Reiner or Through the Desert or what have you. I particularly enjoyed your links, and of course your insights and comparisons into investing.


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Great article - and while I was aware of *most* of the links, several were new to me (especially the "build a gathering" thing . . . can't recall the name at the moment ;).

And thanks for spreading the word (aka addiction) about board games!

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