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Semis aren't a good investment right now.

Gloom and doom.
I'd personaly say that since semis have taken a big hit in valuation, they are looking better everyday. Low demand today, not enough chips tomarrow. I've personaly went through countless computers. Let's see
first was Commadore 64, then a home built 286, then a 386 homebuild, then a couple of 486 CPUs, then a Pentium, then a 1 ghz Athlon, then a Pentium 4, now an Athlon 64. And as a side note I still have parts in one of my current systems that are from my 486(like a case, keyboard, mouse and floppy)Did I NEED each upgrade, YES if I wanted to play the latest games and other programs also. Not once did I say this will be the last system I will build, who needs more than a: 20 mhz, 40mhz, 120 mhz, 1ghzt, 2ghzt, or even a XP 3400. NOT ONCE!

Semi is dead?

I guess your still using that old Apple II with monochrome grafix then.
Tekate Intel IS having some problems. And INTEL will continue to have problems. BUT INTEL will survive. AND so will AMD, ATI, NVIDEA, VIA, TYAN.....

Any other opinion is GLOOM and DOOOM ignorance.
Are they over-valued now?
But te market is fixing that right now.
And it will over correct
So the $$$$ is in knowing just how low is to low and how high is too high.

Go ask your HUBBY if he thinks INTEL is doomed. I'm sure he'll say INTEL will work it all out in the end.

SEMIS look better everyday.
Bring the on bad news today, it wil all turn around tomarrow.
Then everyone will try and catch the semis on the way up and miss all that gain.

But then again I could be wrong. Maybe 3Ghz will be good enough for years, maybe a new player will come out dominating the market.

Multi-cores are the near future, but what about 15 years from now?
Quantum entaglement engines?
Maybe something based on particle-wave duality?

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