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Out here near Lancaster County, PA the roads are quiet. Husband #1 called me a while ago while I was out searching for a newspaper and he went back to work so I have to leave within an hour to go and be with the kids. I have the dinner I cooked yesterday while I was still in shock.

The people who want to buy my property have called today.. they never got their fax I sent on the 10th. So.. I may have to get that straight.

It's so quiet. I went to the bank and there were 2 cars and my old car was one of the two.

But terrorists be d@mned, the mailman came and took my Aspire and Associates bill that I had ready to go.

Now if I can shake some money out of husband #1 tonite I will pay off AMEX for my little jaunt in the SUV last month.

I don't know how much work people can get done today. I watched the Amish farmers at the end of the block finish clearing their field and make fodder for the livestock. I don't believe they have television.

They are lucky today, I imagine. Seeing yesterday's coverage will stay with me until I die. Now I must get out of here because this lunatic I live with is running a chain saw and he will be the next to be diced if I don't go soon.

I didn't sleep much.. Is it apparent?

wild :)

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