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SG" But although we no longer have prohibition, we do have strict laws about drinking and driving."

YOu wouldn't know it from the deaths on the road. Here , two Cowboys decided to party hardy - one is dead, the other in jail for Intoxication Manslaugher"

Tell me about the 10,000 killed - even though you think we have strict laws. In many places, there are folks driving after SEVEN convictions, never having spent a week in jail. They even drive without a license while theirs is suspended. NO one is going to take their car because, well, they 'need' it'.


SG:" You may feel like they are not enforced sufficiently, but they exist."

Tell that to the family of the dead Dalls Cowboy and the other 10,000 killed each year in drunk driving accidents.


G: We also charge high license fees and apply strict regulations to establishments that sell and dispense alcohol."

Does that stop teenagers from drinking? You don'[t think they drink on campus? you don't think they drink in frat houses? Gimme a break.

Half the teenagers in this country have bogus drivers licenses to get into drinking establishments or buy beer.


SG:"In addition, we have fairly rigid requirements for being allowed to drive."

Yeah...rush the border, escape the border patrol, and in CA, you are issued a drivers license. Got it. Don't even need to speak English.

SG: I believe all states require that applicants pass a test."

Yeah..I passed one almost 50 years ago. SOme states are easy. Some are a bit harder.

I don't recall anywhere on the test they check to see if you've been texting or 'have been under the influence'. hair follicle test? Gimme a break.

Driving while sober is a lot different than driving while drunk. I'd bet all those 'drunk drivers' passed their test. So?

Didn't stop drunk driving , did it?


SG": Further, cars are all required to be licensed and to pay an annual fee to be allowed on the road.:

Heh TX half the cars are uninsured and 25% are probably unregistered or have phony plates on them.

That also hasn't stopped drunk driving accidents, has it?

It's not 'cars that kill' but drunk or deranged people who drive them! Got it? People kill, cars don't.

Other than Christine (the car in the movie) I don't know of any car that has gone out and killed anyone. Same for a gun. Please let me know if you know of a deranged gun going out and shooting someone.


SG" There is a readily accessible data base of all drivers and all legal automobiles that allows law enforcement officials to identify a driver or car and their associated records in a matter of minutes."

Yeah...after the death by DUI. Great going, Watson. tell that to the family of the dead Cowboy and the other 10,000 victims a year of drunk driving.

And I'm sure the police aren't checking your garage and you at every turn to find out who you are and where you are driving.....right?

Nor do they limit how many cars you have, or where you can drive them.

YOu can own a 1000 HP race car that is 'street legal' and do 0 to 100 in 8 seconds if you want......right? Or a 10,000 behemoth mega SUV that is 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide? Or maybe a 30,000 lb motorhome 40 feet long?

Despite all your 'inspection, registration, control'....we still kill 10,000 plus in drunk driving accidents a year......and it doesn't matter if you are killed by a licensed driver in a licensed car with a drunk driver or unlicensed driver in unregistered car, does it? You're just as dead.



SG:"Let's start there for guns and gun ownership. Shall we? Require training and passing a test to become a gun owner. License all guns and track ownership. Require registration fees be paid on all guns every year."

That is exactly how gun confiscation has been done in every country in the world. Register ever gun and gun owner. Then confiscate them or tax them out of existence. Oh, it's only $50 a gun a year..>Oh, the gov't needs money. Now it is $100 a gun a year. THen 250 a year.

Silly, the criminals won't pay any gun registration fees. M ost of them legally can't own a gun!......Now will they take gun classes.

Maybe we should make gun safety part of every HIGH SCHOOL curriculum? You know, when I was a kid, every Boy Scout had to learn firearms safety. Mandatory. ANd every kid in my town was a scout. We didn't have a lib weenies there. There was a shooting range UNDER the elementary school in the basement. My dad was an NRA instructor.

You think that would solve anything? Any kid could get the computer program and master the gun safety deal in 30 minutes. Learn it on line, take the simulated test on line, and pass with flying colors. Get his gun license when he got his drivers license .....

whoopie do....oh, you want to make it impossible to get a gun license? We got your number. Got to jump through 27 hoops. Get your fingerprints registered and leave DNA behind. Get 97 references and file them. Pull up your juvie history file - if you missed class - tough luck. Check your Facebook page. I got it...... and then of course, the $500 fee to get a license, the $100 annual fee to keep your license, the $250 per gun to keep a gun.......

Sorry, I don't buy into your story.

Remember, this kid who went bonkers likely could have passed any test like a drivers license test. oh? YOu now want more tests? Gotta pass a six hour psychological test? Well, that's going to cost $2500 for the doc.....and we'll add overhead and now it is $4000 to apply for your gun permit. Gotcha!......

Where does it stop? With libs, it is when NO ONE qualities to own a gun. Oh, you live near a school? Sorry, you can't own a gun! (even no it's only a 5 minute drive to the next one).....

It never ends!.....

I don't buy into it.

ONce you start gun 'control' your way, it's like taxes...they never go down..and gun control always ratchets up till you have no guns at all.

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