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SG:"I would recognize that the economy is getting gradually better without any cooperation from the Republicans in Congress and the Senate."


Boeing just announced major layoffs. McDonalds just reported major drop in sales - in every region. Unemployment is still 8% and record numbers are on foodstamps and SS Disability.

Getting better? barely, and once Obama turns the EPA lose on the fossil fuel industry, that 'bright area' will go dim, and we'll be into the continuation of the drop in average family income, now down $4300 in just 4 years of Obama, the rise in prices of energy and gasoline, doubled under Obama with his promises of $9/gal gas to European levels and 'skyrocketing utility bills'.


" I would accept that they are going to continue to obstruct all efforts at fiscal responsibility or progress so place very little effort into changing that."

Right..the dems have a direct line to the money fairy, and the Chinese will lend us another 20 trillion, and if not, Bernanke will just 'buy' the treasury debt, borrowing even more.

So you would plan to run the debt to more than Greece levels, with no thought of ever controlling spending?

Gotcha. Let's implode the system - the Obama plan. Then we'll set up the tyranny end to end. It won't be a Constitutional Republic. It will be a Chavez like socialism, and like ARgentina. Great.....

What a disaster.



" Instead, I would push 1) a concerted effort to amend the Constitution to trample Citizen's United out of existence,"

ANd at the same time, trample mandatory union dues and the union slush funds buying candidates? Really?

Oh, you just want to stop the 'opposition', got it.


" 2)an agenda of gay, women and minority rights -"

Wow.....I thought we already had 'more than equal opportunity' ? you realize at current population growth rates among Asians and Hispanics, whites will be the minority in two generations, so I guess you are all for protecting the rights of the white minority?

Blacks will be a 'footnote' in history in 2 generations.


" 3) to let the Bush tax give-aways expire and then simply ignore any GOP noise or efforts to re-instate them,"

Great..let's take away the $1500 a family 'rebates' of imaginary income to the poor, and put in an average 20% increase in taxes for the lower and middle class folks!...... as the Bush tax cuts expire.

The 'rich' aren't going to pay much more as they use 'tax avoidance' and 'tax loopholes' like before to avoid big tax increases.

Let's go back to taxing estates at $650, we gouge the dead....kill the small farms and businesses when the owner dies and the family members now have to sell.

You do realize, according to The Millionaire Next Door, that less than 0.1% of folks with 10 million or more net worth pay estate taxes, right? They can afford to hire good estate planning lawyers. It's all gone by the time they die.

The estate tax hits folks like families that have a parent who dies, with a home in CA or MD, a small 4 bedroom that sells for $800,000. Now, the kids have to sell the home they may be living pay the estate it......sock it to the lower middle class, who pay most of the 'estate taxes' collected.



" 4) to embrace serious legislation to insure long-term health of SS and Medicare, "

You said above the dems will slide on financial reform. What makes you think they'll even touch this 'hot potato' issue? Ha...

You want your cake (your medicare and SS) but aren't willing to pay the piper.

Oh, invoke the money fairy once again!


Laughable is the only response I can think of to your post...

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