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you should open your mind to a different perspective. But I know that you won't already because I know that you're not fair-minded with respect to the Jewish State of Israel. But, allow me to give you my perspective just the same. It's a completely different way of looking than the way you are looking at Israel.

There is actually ethnic cleansing happening in Israel and in Judea and Samaria. It is a very long patient and enduring campaign by the Arabs throughout the Middle East and beyond to administer ethnic cleansing against all Jews living anywhere in the Middle East, especially the "Jewish Zionists" living and working in the Jewish State of Israel, which the Arabs cannot abide and will never accept. That's the true ethnic cleansing that is underway at least in purpose and in objective. And to no insignificant degree that's the ethnic cleansing that is actually happening during the present revolt and "uprising" with the orchestrated serial murders of more than a thousand Jewish Israeli civilians in Israel and Jewish Israeli settlers in Judea and Samaria and Gaza.

There have been several wars launched by the Arabs to inflict ethnic cleansing upon the Jewish Israelis since 1948, successive military invasions by the Arabs nations to drive Israel "into the sea" only to fail miserably. Israel secured in 1967 additional Jewish land west of the Jordan River that had been originally promised to the Jewish people under the terms of the Balfour Declaration and other resolutions during British Mandated Palestine. Arabs remained refugees in Judea and Samaria throughout the time from 1948 until 1967 and then until now as a standing protest against the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel with a fierce determination to destroy Israel one day - a "dream" the "Palestinians" have fostered and indoctrinated in themselves and their children.

That those same Arabs decided to endure poverty throughout the Jordanian occupation from 1950 until 1967 was not the fault of the Israelis. That those same Arabs refused in 1947-48 the UN partition of Jewish land that would have established an Arab state side by side with Israel in territory west of the Jordan - in an utterly cynical high risk bid to take all the land for themselves by destroying Israel completely - again was not in any way the fault of the Israelis. That those same Arabs refused to take yes for an answer during peace talks in the year 2000 when the Israelis offered Jewish land so that they the so-called "Palestinians" could establish their own sovereign state once again was not the fault of the Israelis.

And that those same Arabs living under the present-day conditions of squalor and degradation in Judea and Samaria is likewise not the fault in any way shape or form of the Israelis. Those same Arabs have brought all their own troubles upon themselves. Their poverty and their suffering is a badge of honor and a banner of resistance to the very existance of Israel. Those same Arabs never considered acceptance of a "two-state solution" because they would never accept any Jewish state anywhere in the Middle East.

Those same Arabs would indeed rather suffer poverty and degradation than accept the Jewish State of Israel. Just ask them. They will flat out tell you. Those same Arabs will tell you that it is only the very existance of Israel that is the source of all their troubles. And those troubles can only be alleviated when Israel is destroyed. Do you know that? Do your liberal pals who support the enemies of Israel know that?

As for the persistant victimology of the "Palestinian refugees" and their poverty and suffering, Israel is to blame for none of it. NONE OF IT! But by playing the victim, those same Arabs believe they can secure to themselves powerful allies in the West who might sympathize with their self-inflicted plight and who also likely don't have much use for Jews in any event. And they are right. There are many like you. Who take the side of the self-imposed refugees as long as Israel exists and wouldn't bother with impoverished "Palestinians" once Israel, God forbid, ceased to exist.

The "Palestinians" live in refugee camps because they won't accept any other status as long as Israel exists. These "refugees" won't allow any other life for themselves until Israel is destroyed. These same Arabs embrace their poverty as a sacred vow to resist and to destroy. These same Arabs who have no stake in any peace. Who have no stake in any future for Israel. But who only have a stake in Jewish blood. And who only have a stake in the destruction of Israel. To which they are pledged to the point of death. As a people of martyrs. With a culture of martyrdom.

Now, Jewish land west of the Jordan River is under control of the Israeli government, a highly significant and imperative territory with regard to security. That land of Judea and Samaria was conferred to Israel in war when the Jordanians fled and ended their occupation that lasted from 1950 until 1967. The Arabs now living as "refugees" in Judea and Samaria are themselves the only squatters.

Judea and Samaria is Jewish land by historical, moral and legal right. And these "Palestinians" maintain themselves as the longest continuous "refugees" in modern history. All other refugees have been absorbed into populations somewhere in the world. But not the "Palestinians" who are the "refugees" that last forever. Only unlike every other people that were ever refugees, the "Palestinians" are refugees with a purpose and an objective. Namely, the destruction of a nation and a people: the Jewish State of Israel.

The Arabs ongoing campaign to impose ethnic cleansing upon the Jewish citizens of Israel and the Jewish inhabitants in Judea and Samaria must be confronted directly. The Arab refugee camps must be disassembled and all terrorists must be deported. A plan of relocation of Arabs living in Judea and Samaria must be undertaken. Those Arabs should be resettled into the Arab lands of their ancestors.

This is the truth. You are willingly and purposefully blind to the facts both historical and present-day. And I strongly suspect that you are motivated with malice toward the Jewish State of Israel. If you could for once open your eyes, then you would see things entirely different from the way you see them now. Israel is fighting for her survival. And Israel's survival is essential for the enduring well-being of the Jewish people worldwide. That is the truth that Israel bashers always ignore. And that is why they always discredit themselves. They see the "Palestinians" only as victims of Israel when those same Arabs are merely victims of their own ruthless and self-destructive hatred of Israel.

This massive martyr complex has gone on long enough! Half a century is more than long enough! Time to restore Judea and Samaria to Israel and resettle "Palestinians" to Arabs lands where they belong and where they can make for themselves a future. Rather than a massive suicide-homicide mission in which Jewish blood is shed for the sake of an Arab-induced "ethnic cleansing" of Jews from the land of Israel.

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