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Shame shame on your lib math challenged types who can't bother to actually get some of the real numbers

The highway costs well over 1.3 BILLION to build.Just one SEGMENT of the what did the whole road cost?

So your 100 million payment, adds less than 7% 'overhead' to what folks pay in tolls......and remember, the state gets a chunk of the tolls, too....for the next 50 years!.....

The actual cost to taxpayers was ZERO!

Not only that, with other priorities, the highway would likely have not been built for 10 more years.......or more....

So, not only do the folks who use I-35 have an OPTION....even better, some of the traffic that jams the highway to 5mph speeds for half the day will be diverted..and if you don't want to pay, maybe traffic will move at 7mph on I-35 instead....a 25% improvement. And even better, you have the OPTION of using the toll road!

Dumb libs......oh, right...libs want everything for free, paid for by the money fairy!...heh heh.....maybe we should just raise your gas prices by 25c, to pay for new highways that you want for 'free'? So each year you pay another $300 in extra taxes for 'free highways'?

You'd be better off just using the toll road the few times you actually travel I-35!......

Okay. So if we are to believe Wikipedia, this stretch of about 40 miles of highway across relatively flat desert is actually going to cost about 6 times the average cost of similar highway construction in the US. The article mentions utility re-location as one of the issues that must contribute to this. And that means the $100M mark-up to Texas travelers is not as large a percentage of total cost as a more typical road construction project would be.

But your statement, "The actual cost to taxpayers was ZERO!", ignores both the expense of paying the toll for those that drive that stretch of road and the lost revenue by turning the toll over to private investors. Plus . . . is the Texas Highway Patrol going to patrol the road? Who is going to enforce the 85 mph speed limit? And who pays for that?

You also comment that, "and remember, the state gets a chunk of the tolls, too".

Maybe it isn't obvious to you, but if private builders can pay to build the road, pay $100M to the state of Texas, and pay the state of Texas a portion of the toll, and still have a good investment, then Texas taxpayers are losing out on that investment. Legislators in the state have cheated tax payers out of an investment opportunity in order to provide that opportunity to some business people who plan on getting rich. I wonder if those business people have a record of making any campaign contributions to Texas legislators.
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