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duplicate post from SA:Ford

Nothing says shareholder lover like a nice bump to the dividend, and a very nice bump it is. Ford announced this morning it is doubling, you heard that right a 100% increase, in its dividend. The $0.10/share quarterly dividend represents a 3% yield at the current share price. Hopefully, that share price will be moving further north in today's trading.

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Textbook turn around nearly complete. I really like the timing of the divi increase, as it appears to be rewarding shareholders for a complete company overhaul, not just one or two good earnings release. The path of F is on much more sure footing than it has ever been, and divi increase was not just riding a macroeconomic shift (although that helped too).

The vindication I'm receiving (internally) for riding through some hectic days over the last couple of years. Doubling down (greedy) when people were scared. Covered-calling all the way from $14 dollar a share nearly a year ago to $9. My F holding are up 45%, and I'm finally happy that I'm over-allocated F (according to RYR). Oh yeah, 3% DRIP will work into the overall return as well.

Congrats all.

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Nothing says good management like taking excellent care of customers and shareholders. I love spiffy pops...
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