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..Gilead Sciences approves 2-for-1 stock split
With shares trading around all-time highs, Gilead plans 2-for-1 stock split in January
AssociatFOSTER CITY, Calif. (AP) -- HIV drug maker Gilead Sciences Inc. said Monday that its board approved a two-for-one stock split that will take effect in January.

Gilead said investors who own its stock at the close of trading on Jan. 7 will be issued one additional share for every share they own. The company's stock will begin trading at the post-split price on Jan. 28.

The split will increase the number of Gilead shares to about 1.52 billion. The company said it had 759.3 million shares on the market as of Nov. 30.
ed Press – 5 hours ago

The split will give a chance to those who like the stock
to buy it a a lower price.

In my view a beautiful opportunity for all young investors.

GILEAD, is one of the best biotechnology companies out there.

Disclaimer...I am long on GILEAD....have owned it since 2002!

The Eternal Bird
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I have one Gild May 13 70 Call. How will that affect this Call?

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Dear Al, First, I like to welcome you to the Fools Board
and wish you good luck with all of your investment

As to your question.. I have not so good news......
only because I never got involved in "Puts" and "Calls",
they are too much for my brain. Very confusing.

I just buy stocks....mostly "long" and some times "short"
and of course I trade. But not very often. I am not a day
trader. I see my self as an investor

My suggestion to you about Gilead, is to do what I did.
Buy the stock and leave it alone.

I bought mine.... "in September.....2002"......the price,
around $35.00 per share. Since then the company has
split its shares 2 for 1, twice....

One hundred shares in 2002, to day would be "400"
and with the new split "800"! So you do the math.

You only need a... little...patience.....and good
things will come to you. I take it that you are quite
young and you can wait.

The Eternal Bird
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