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I recently got a Verizon broadband mobile card for my work laptop for when I'm not in the office. It works okay (not quite as fast as the T-1 line we use at work or the DSL I use at home, but still fast enough to leave dial-up far behind.

On some business trips -- or on some personal trips in which I am telecommuting, my wife comes with me, bringing her laptop as well. The question: is there a way to share the internet access through my broadband mobile card?

I have googled the subject and got a few answers, but without quite enough detail for me to actually make it work.

I would be happy with either a direct ethernet connection between the two computers or a wireless network setup (though I assume the latter will be more annoying to set up).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or suggestions of places to read up on this?

For the record, the laptops involved are both Dells. One has XP, the other Windows 2000 (and I am not an administrator on that one -- so obviously any configuring we do has to be on the XP machine).


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I haven't used this but it looks pretty cool.

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