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She wrote that she works and pays taxes

iamski: Then she's not one of the 47%

Oh yes she is. As you recognize below.

she’s one of the 47 percent that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about.

iamski: No one said Romney doesn't care about the 47%, he said that they would not be particularly open to his tax cut message since they don't pay any anyway.

Well, the 0bama campaign and other left-wing dimwits/liars have, but I know what you mean. You are exactly right. But this woman hasn't "been convinced" of any such thing. She's a left-wing tool who was going to support 0bama. Romney said that since 47% of the people pay no federal income tax, his message of cutting spending and lowering the tax burden isn't going to appeal to them. I think he's wrong to that extent, because there probably are people among that 47% who are not economically illiterate, and still don't just support more spending and taxes on someone else. But the general point holds, for the most part, people who pay no income taxes don't see much personal incentive in lowering tax rates. Romney assumes they are all going to support 0bama (again, for the same reasons, this is a crude "all-or-nothing" shorthand that is wrong, but I get that he is generalizing). Romney isn't wasting his time/energy/money to appeal to people who have zero chance of voting for him. And this woman has zero chance of voting for him. Not because she just found out that gee, Romney doesn't care for her. But because she is simply a left-wing Democrat. Good for her. But that isn't Romney's fault.

0bama was wise not to waste the 47% attack in the debate, where Romney would have torched it for 67 million people to see. Much better to save it for his campaign speeches and ads where it can go unchecked, just like his other lies and deceptions like the mythical $5 trillion tax cut Romney is promising to everyone but nobody has any documentation of him actually doing so. I am sure that this will come up in the next debate, particularly since questions from the audience will be featured (after they are screened and selected by Democrat "moderators"). It would be shocking if Romney were not prepared for this. But 0bama should keep making hay out of it to the ignorant for as long as he can.
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