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Does anyone here know where I might be able to get historical data for the Japanese economy to calculate the Shiller P/E for the Nikkei?

As you likely know, the Shiller P/E (also called cyclically adjusted price-earnings ratio) takes the current index value and divides it by the inflation adjusted average earnings over the last 10 years (more details are available at

Specifically, I am looking for the following data by date:

1. Nikkei value
2. Nikkei dividends (i.e., dividends declared or distributed by companies in the Nikkei in proportion to their weight in the Nikkei)
3. Nikkei earnings
4. Consumer Price Index or Wholesale price index (CPI is better, but if that is not available, we may be able to do with WPI)
5. Interest rate on the 10-year government bond (yield)

If nobody here knows where such data might be obtained, does anyone know the current Shiller P/E for the Nikkei?

Thank you in advance. Best regards,

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Good day,

The Nikkei forum has been somewhat dead for some time and hopefully people will start to take an interest in Japanese stocks.

Unfortunately, I don't have any idea where you will be able to find historical data on Japan's Nikkei.

If you are able to find qualitative information, the Nikkei forum may become a very informative forum with quality information and data.

Sorry to say, I can't help you.

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