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DW has an '06 Avalon with over 113K on it.We've planned on trading it in for a new car in the next 6 weeks.Here's the dilemma:

Inspection in due by the end of this month.I know it is going to need some work to pass inspection (new tires,battery,some suspension work since something has been making a "wrump-wrump-wrump" sound from the right front area).

DW just called me & said she hit a truck while turning at an intersection,tearing her right passenger mirror off,now dangling by the wiring.The other driver of the big truck didn't see any damage to his vehicle & told her 'not to worry about it',then he drove off.No one was hurt.
My wife had been in an accident a year ago.Our insurance rates didn't go up then,but would if another is reported.

Should we report it to our insurance agent?

If we're trading it in soon,should we fix it & renew the inspection first,or trade it in as is? (Maybe just duct-tape it in place if possible till the trade-in?

I haven't seen the car yet.
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Certainly can't give "expert" advice on this, but here's my opinion:

Fix the mirror. I assume a low mileage, six year old vehicle such as your Avalon is reasonably presentable, and a dangling mirror or even a big mess of duct tape is going to just ruin that impression at first glance.

Tires are an inspection requirement. Battery condition and noises are not. At least in my state. At least if the car has enough better to start the engine and work the lights and wipers and horn, and at least if the noises are indications of failed brakes or the like.

Still, fix the battery inasmuch as you don't want the guy evaluating your trade in to jump in and have the thing not start up. I can't evaluate the whump whump whump noises through the internet. At the very least figure out what it is.

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