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Shades of PNAC and Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force, Batman! A good look at how right wing fanatics planned the current GOP Policy with disastrous results for the whole country. From today's New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Shortly after President Obama started his second term, a loose-knit coalition of conservative activists led by former Attorney General Edwin Meese III gathered in the capital to plot strategy. Their push to repeal Mr. Obama’s health care law was going nowhere, and they desperately needed a new plan.

Out of that session, held one morning in a location the members insist on keeping secret, came a little-noticed “blueprint to defunding Obamacare,” signed by Mr. Meese and leaders of more than three dozen conservative groups.

It articulated a take-no-prisoners legislative strategy that had long percolated in conservative circles: that Republicans could derail the health care overhaul if conservative lawmakers were willing to push fellow Republicans — including their cautious leaders — into cutting off financing for the entire federal government.

“We felt very strongly at the start of this year that the House needed to use the power of the purse,” said one coalition member, Michael A. Needham, who runs Heritage Action for America, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation. “At least at Heritage Action, we felt very strongly from the start that this was a fight that we were going to pick.”

If you have suspected two sociopathic brothers (Aristocrats whose daddy was a founding member of the ultra-right John Birch Society) had a hand in all this, then you have good nutbag radar:

With polls showing Americans deeply divided over the law, conservatives believe that the public is behind them. Although the law’s opponents say that shutting down the government was not their objective, the activists anticipated that a shutdown could occur — and worked with members of the Tea Party caucus in Congress who were excited about drawing a red line against a law they despise.

A defunding “tool kit” created in early September included talking points for the question, “What happens when you shut down the government and you are blamed for it?” The suggested answer was the one House Republicans give today: “We are simply calling to fund the entire government except for the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.”

The current budget brinkmanship is just the latest development in a well-financed, broad-based assault on the health law, Mr. Obama’s signature legislative initiative. Groups like Tea Party Patriots, Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks are all immersed in the fight, as is Club for Growth, a business-backed nonprofit organization. Some, like Generation Opportunity and Young Americans for Liberty, both aimed at young adults, are upstarts. Heritage Action is new, too, founded in 2010 to advance the policy prescriptions of its sister group, the Heritage Foundation.

The billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David, have been deeply involved with financing the overall effort. A group linked to the Kochs, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, disbursed more than $200 million last year to nonprofit organizations involved in the fight. Included was $5 million to Generation Opportunity, which created a buzz last month with an Internet advertisement showing a menacing Uncle Sam figure popping up between a woman’s legs during a gynecological exam.

More at the link above

(p.s. But, but, but, it's all Obama's fault the parks and monuments were closed, and kids with cancer couldn't get their treatments and .... riiiiiiiiiight! Keep peddling that bullsh1t, Koch Brothers, because you waste more and more of your blood money to get that black Muslim Commie out of the White House.

Isn't it rich how indignant Republicans posture and grandstand every time they bring back one small part of government which they - not President Obama or Democrats - refused to fund?

The Republican Congressmen who are honest, know this Koch sponsored plan is nothing but one IUD after another blowing up the GOP.

Notice how it's affecting the Governor's race in Virginia? The Republican nominee for the Governor's mansion (and losing heavily in the polls now) Ken Cuccinelli, asked Ted Cruz at a fundraiser to please get the government back to work:)

The government shutdown has placed Virginia Republican gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli in an awkward spot.

As Virginia attorney general, he was the first in the country to sue the federal government over the Affordable Care Act. But his anti-Obamacare credentials with the Tea Party have complicated his run for the governors chair in a swing state with 170,000 federal employees on furlough. Saturday night, the architect of that shutdown Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared with Cuccinelli at a event with the socially conservative Family Foundation in Richmond.

During the speech, Cruz repeatedly referred to Cuccinelli as a friend, smart, principled and fierce, while Cuccinelli said nothing negative about Cruz’s efforts to block funding for the ACA — even at the cost of furloughing Virginia federal employees. In fact, he said nothing at all about Cruz, the local ABC affiliate reported.

But prior to his speech, Cuccinelli met briefly with Ted Cruz backstage and “urged him to find a solution” to the shutdown, an aide told CNN’s Peter Hamby.

Does this sound like a party standing firm and resolute? Hoo-hah, the Kochs lost big funding Romney, and now they are about to lose the whole damn party due to their Joe McCarthy type peddled paranoia. Their dead Sugar Daddy might be looking up on them with pride, but they are now being thought of as political dynamite by Republicans who know the Kochs astroturfed Tea Party directives have surely screwed over an entire Party which was once home to honorable men such as Dwight Eisenhower, Everett Dirksen and Abraham Lincoln.

Enough of the Clown Show, GOP. Bring some adults back to the big table. You are embarrassing the whole USA.

If you want to not just defund Obamacare, but repeal it, go out and try to capture the Senate and the White House and see if you can bring back the good ole One Party Rule which gave us Shock and Crock in Iraq and the Halliburton Rule in fracking and a stacked Supreme Court telling us Corporations are people and all the other disasters of the good ole days. You're losing the young people. You're losing the women. You're losing multi-cultural people. You're losing Secularists who don't want Tea Vangie sycophants from fifth rate Bible colleges writing Old Testament scripture into modern day laws.

You've lost your way, GOP. Wake up.
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