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Hypothesis concerning BB:

1 all matter and energy in the universe is constant, neither created nor destroyed, merly transposed. The pre-Big Bang was all the matter and energy in the universe condensed to the size of a proton or smaller. This truly massive pressure caused the explosion. It is not known wheather or not a former universe had collapsed in on itself to form the tiny speck. It is not known wheather or not it will be spontaneous or very slow when this universe colapsis to a tiny speck of superdensity. Since the BB, the universe has been expanding. Moving away from the origin. Space between bodies have been growing. It is thought, that when enough space developes between enough interstellar bodies that the gravitational balance of the universe will be thrown out and that is what will cause a collapse and what would have caused a previous collapse or the collapse and recreation of other universes in a multiverse.

Just after the big bang all mater in the universe was hydrogen gass. All energy was light. Light appeared six seconds after the bang. just after the begining of intra molecular forces. After billions of years, the hydrogengas would have coalessed into nebulae then into stars. These first stars are what produced all the other elements in the universe by the fusion of the hydrogen atoms into the more complex atoms. After several more billions of years, these atoms would also have coalesed int nebulae and also, planets, moons, asteroids, etc. The coelesence is due to the specific gravity of all the particles interacting with eachother. This revolving dust clouds which become nebula. The nebula du to other forces differentiates in layers. This is, hydrogen and heleium are in the center. They become the star. The heavier elements form their own revolving circles which become the planets. The planets become solid rock (yes even jupiter and saturn) the star build uph eat and presure as it condenses its gas until fusion occurs and the star ignites. By the time this happens, enough fuel has been incorporated into the star to last it for billions of years with of constant fusion reactions. The product of this is light and heat as well as complex atoms. These are the stars we have today.

Earth after its coalesence was a massive ball of unorganised rock. however, with meteorite bonbardmant, loads of radioactive elements, and no protection from the sun, the planet melted into a ball of magma. Due to gravity, the heavy elements such as nikle and iron sank into the center of the earth, the lighter ones such as silicon rose to the surface creating the layers which we have today. This also released many gasses including H2O in the form of steam. (watervapor.) As the planet cooled, the condensation occured and the ocean formed. This covered the entire world. The atmosphere was a noxious mix of gasses and uv radiation from the sun bombarded the earth.

I'll have to continue this later. I have to go now. The point where I have just ended is at 6.4 BYA. This is where I'll pick up next post. Our solarsystem as a nebulas cloud of revolving dust balls formed at 12-18 BYA.

Guiding with the light,
the shepherd
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