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"Now that global coordinated quantitative easing has been announced the world over, it makes sense to review some of the fundamentals for the U.S. Dollar versus one of the most important currencies of the future, the Singapore Dollar. The USD/SGD pair has been in a structural bull market for years, riding along with a number of other pairs which have accurately reflected the deteriorating fundamentals of the U.S. economic situation.

Why is the Singapore Dollar important? Due to its rising importance as a trade currency in rapidly expanding Southeast Asia region, which now effectively includes India as well as the Big 4 of the Pacific Rim (Japan, China, S. Korea and Taiwan). Singapore's banks right now are the most stable in the region and are growing in relatively conservative ways. Singapore for Asia will be in the coming years what Switzerland (and Zurich in particular) has been for Europe for centuries: a place of relative openness, stability, and relative neutrality."

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