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I just heard, on CNBC, that Sir John Templeton passed away. I'm greatly saddened by this.

John Templeton never knew this, but I credit him with my eventual success as an investor...

It happened in 1987 (I believe), after the DOW plunged some 20% in just one day. I was just a stoopid, wet-behind-the-ears investor, then. I had just started investing in the stock market and I was rattled...scared.

Louis Rukeyser (may he rest in peace) had John Templeton as his guest that friday on Wall Street Week. They talked about the meldown on Wall Street and John Templeton remarked that he expected the DOW to hit 10,000 in the coming years (and...someday...100,000). The DOW was around 1500 at that time (if memory serves).

I was heartened by his calm words...that air of wisdom. On Monday, and in all the coming months, I invested every penny I could muster into the stock market. Turns out it was a smart move. A VERY smart move.

Mr. Templeton...may you rest in peace. I owe you, friend.

I owe you more than I can EVER express.
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Well said. Our own tribute to Sir John:

I don't think that it's a stretch to call Sir John the most transformative investor of our era. Before he did so, the thought of US-based investors putting money to work in international companies was unheard of.

Bill Mann
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