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After reading through the chain of messages, I've come to realize a few things maybe you can elaborate on.

1) What exactly was your agreement (that you feel Amway held their end of the bargain)?
2) I believe you stated that you only had to pay $40 to maintain the status of an Amway IBO. Isn't that an annual fee?
3) What type of interaction or working relationship did you have with your upline, downlines, sidelines, etc. once you decided not to continue to attend the weekly hotel meetings (at $6 a pop), purchase the recommended readings (at $20 a pop), listen to the weekly motivational tapes at ($6 a pop), or maintain at least the recommended 100PV which you state should do it with $200 in personal purchases) per month by buying the usual toilet paper, cleaning supplies and nutritional supplements from "your own business"(which would really help out your upline)?
4) Refering to two of the three rules that Amway set in place some time ago: the 70 Percent and 10 customer rules. Tell me if I'm mistaken but when the uplines hold the get-together sessions to "show the plan" to new prospects, they show how you can purchase products from yourself and save an instant 30 percent from tax savings (28% to be exact), as well as creating a tax right-off (from attending meetings, using a portion of your home as an office, using your personal vehicle for business, etc.). But they fail to mention that you do need to have at least ten non-IBO customers each month in order to claim the tax advantage. So, yes, the rules may have been in place for some time, but you'll be hard pressed to here that (as well as other important info such as how much time is really needed to build an MLM business) from the up-lines trying to prospect you.
5) How long were you exposed to Amway (i.e. how many meetings did you attend, who took you to the meeting, and did you really receive a fair representation of what it takes to build "the business" before you decided to become an IBO?

I ask these questions because, yes, it does take hard work to buid any type of business. But, a big thorn in many peoples (victims) side is they are lead to beleive that it is very easy to build the Amway business (and it does come across that way when listening to the "smoke and mirrors" presentation. Most of the time, it isn't until after they've paid the $40 for the right to call themsleves an IBO, forked out another $200 for the Amway starter kit, added their name to the recommended reading and tape list for another $20 and $6 every other week respectively, began attending the weekly hotel pep rally for another $6, attended at least one home "show the plan" meeting per week, kept track of every mile, to every meeting, and how much home/office use they've spent for tax purposes, stayed motivated by purchasing their minimum $200 per month to receive the coveted $6 PV bonus check, and building up a brand new wardrobe of ties and dress shirts to attend those prp rallies and weekly home meetings (purchased from the business of course), and gone through the laundry list of friends and relatives to prospect (who have more than likely already been hit up by an Amway IBO while standing at the magazine rack at Borders sometime in their life) before they realize they must also make time to now build the business (i.e. soliciting for prospects) which does take time, alot of time.

These are items which just doesn't seem to come across at the smoke and mirrors meetings. It's these kind of items which (I think I'm talking for the masses) really tick most people off. Because, like you, most people who join Amway either drop out or stay in for a long time but fail to make any money at all (except for their up-line). And THAT, is is the point that everyone here is trying to get accross.

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