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Hi All,
Just wanted to check in and let you know how my debt reduction is going. As some of you may know, I paid off the car a month ago and since then I have been putting that money into a savings account. It will be used as a part of my snowball. Right now I have about $2335.00 left on my card at 0% until April. The thing is I keep finding ways not to put my usual $200.00 per month on the card. My plan is that at the end of the intro period, take the money out of my savings and pay off the balance. I'm so close but, yet it seems so far away. I really could use some motivation and have come up with the following ideals. Should I:
1. Apply the $300.00 per month from the payoff of my car to the card as I go.
2. Pay less on the credit card and just wait until the intro period is up and just pay the whole thing then.
3. Continue to make $200.00 monthly payments until it's paid off without attacking my savings. ( I get at least 2 0% on balance transfer per month). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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If you have trouble saving, I would just pay the card off as you go.

However, if you can stash your savings in an account that is difficult to get the money from, I would make the payments to that savings account, earn the interest, and then pay the card off.

You are so close to getting rid of the debt. There are many who would be envious of your situation.

After saving for 9 months, you will be able to see how much you can pay yourself instead of the credit card companies.

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Options 1 and 2 sound great. Dont lose sight iof the bigger picture.

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