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So, because these countries are poor (due many times to the "raping" of their countries by 1st worlders), they are "prehistoric"

You're putting words in my mouth Frecs. What I said was...
"I suspect, the less modernized cultures would have less problem with the concept than the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist influenced cultures would who believe the world was created for humans and
humans are meant to rule it. My assumption here is that "prehistoric" cultures are more appreciative
of the interelationship of humans with other life forms on the planet than the above religions are."

It's those five religious groups that have a big problem with population control via birth control. I'm definitely generalizing here. I know there are some Christian denomonations and Jewish groups for example that are OK with birth control.

and so, I gather from your post, animals who just need to learn to control themselves and stop burdening the world with their offspring?

Other animals have no problem controlling their own population. The difference is they do not have the ability to just create more food if they run out. If other animals run out of food, they die. If humans run out of food they make more, live longer, and then make more babies.

Many of these "prehistoric" people groups are Christian, Muslim, etc. and have a great reverance for life, apparently more than some of us "intelligent" lifeforms.

Maybe many of the poor and starving are from these groups. Again, what I said was that I suspect the ones that are not from these groups would have less of a problem with birth control. When I say "prehistoric" cultures, I mean cultures that have been around for more than 10,000 years, and have not been "converted" to one of the main 5 religions. I wrote a little about this in this post...

Do the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist religions have a reverence for all life? I think many of the religions have a hierarchical reverence for life...humans are of primary importance, all other life forms are less important. Some of them have no reverence at all for life other than human, and more specifically, other than human of the same religion.

I do know that as evidenced by practice, that the people of these religions dominate the world today and are therefore responsible for the environmental devestation we are living with and continuing to witness. I therefore say that they DO NOT have a reverence for all life forms in equal value.

You might as well agree with Lincoln and others of that era who believed that blacks were only 3/5ths human so did not have the same intelligence or rights as "whole" humans. When will the bigotry end???

Lincoln was what? hmmmmm... a Christian!! Like all "good" humans in America were back then. And if they weren't, they better watch out or they would be saved and converted to the right way. The blacks in Africa were not Christian back then, and many are still not today, so there you go giving an example yourself of how Christians do not have reverence for all life, not even all human life.

The bigotry can end as soon as we want it to. Our human ability to control our actions should be used constructively to end the devastation of our planet including the suffering of all people.

Sorry if my position makes you sick, but the more I think about it and debate about, the more strongly I feel about it.

Have you read Ishmael or Story of B?

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