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So, does anyone have an easy solution for using these smaller conatiners of 2 cycle oil for the leaf blower for now?

Good thang the Grammar & Spelling Police weren't hanging out here last night..."conatiners"...LOL!!

Do you have a measurement tool for the gas?

Yes, the gas pump. <g> I have several one gallon gas cans and pump one gallon of gas in 'em.

Considering how bassackwards I am, I didn't think about pumping less gas in order to get the mixture correct. However, that still means I need help with the conversion. <bg>

Clear(ish) containers? If so, fill one 2.4oz container to the top. Get three more that are empty. Distribute among the 4 until they are even. Each will contain exactly .6oz.

Clearish enough that this would work, yes! Thank you! Such a simple solution, but one my brain wouldn't attempt to figure that one out on it's own...Hence the reason I asked for help.

I do not own a liquid measurement tool for this purpose.

Not even a measuring spoon or a shot glass?

Umm, yes...I am the cook in this house and I own quite a few measuring tools for cooking. <g> However I dunno "which one" to use for .6 oz of liquid...Hence the reason I asked for help.

Sorry, but here, Husquevarna trimmer, Skil chainsaw, Echo blower likely have different ratios, but I'm not about to keep 3 different mixes on hand, so one size fits all, one little can of oil to the gas container, shake it a bit as needed, and just use it/them! The tiny differences isn't worth any fuss, just use 'em, if they break, fix 'em or take 'em to the shop...

I truly have wondered if that little amount would make a difference, but I'm both anal and do not wish to have to repair a tool "if" it does make a difference. I'd rather spend a coupla bucks to buy a proper measuring tool to get the mixtures correct than to spend a coupla bucks more for a repair. Oh, and I guess I'm paranoid too. :-)

I've had the above tools for many years, the only ones needing a premix, and no problems in all these years..

Please take this with a grain of salt from an anal and paranoid Fool; I generally try to believe manufacturer's recommendations on proper care and use of their tools. However, unless someone else comes along and provides proof that what you're doing is wrong, it's worth considering as a solution should I never buy a proper measurement tool. If you've been doing it for years with no negative results, well, that says a lot. :-)


P.S. Thank You Everyone for your advice/input. I appreciate it.
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