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I don't like this AP phone records seizure on bit. Sends a chilling message to whistleblowers.

But this case isn't a whistleblower case. It's an investigation into a leak to the AP about a counter-terrorism operation and the identity of a undercover CIA agent who infiltrated Al Qaeda. The AP held the story until after the operation was over, but the leak is still very troublesome. First, the person who leaked didn't know AP would hold the story and therefore endangered the life of the agent and put the whole operation at risk. Second, the leak makes it less likely other people will volunteer to infiltrate Al Qaeda. It's an alarming breach of national security.

So. You're the U.S. Attorney assigned to find out who leaked the agent's name. The only info you have to start with is AP article, the names of the reporters and a list of people who knew about the CIA operation. What do you do?
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