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Subj: What's old is new again........
Date: 09 Jun 1997 11:16:16 EDT
From: Drakes353
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Actually Roger Dain has been on board for a long time. I think it's just the first report by whomever replaced Mark B. (our relatively new VP of International Development).

Hey postive coverage is positive coverage. Glad the new guy at DAIN likes RAIN as much as we do.

All the best,



Subj: New Recommendation
Date: 09 Jun 1997 10:14:21 EDT
From: LFSI
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First thing this A.M. Dain Bosworth initiated coverage with a buy recommendation. Not a lot new, estimates of $.76 for '97, $1.19 for '98, and $1.72 for '99. Looking for $.15 versus .06 in Q2, $.19 vs. $.13 in Q3, and .26 vs. .15 in Q4. Their 12 to l8 month target price is $37, based on a multiple of 31x '98 estimate. Highlights are "unique concept with rapid growth opportunities", "compelling unit level economics", "excellent store level
execution", "talented senior management team", "well capitalized for continued profitable unit growth", "strong earnings outlook". Sound familiar??

Roger Lipton


Subj: Re: So. Coast Party
Date: 09 Jun 1997 00:34:03 EDT
From: The Freep
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I also just returned from South Coast Plaza's shindig. And yes, I'm one of the Fools that met the TwoTaylors. Not too much to add to the prior report, but here's what I can think of off the top of my head.

The Rainforest Cafe location is good -- they have pretty much their own entrance from the parking lot, meaning that it would be possible to make it a destination, should you so desire. SCP is a HUGE mall, so the ability to park close is nice. Plus, you can kill time at Sears while you wait. Well, Sears and the rest of the huge mall, of course.

I'm pretty sure I heard the emcee announce that they were opening both London and Cancun this month, as well. I know London is for sure, because I heard that (confirming Coffee's post) trainers are there and more on the way.

The gift shop was crowded, though I doubt they sold enough to make up for the party. Still, I contributed to the bottom line. No plush toys of the RAIN characters, but there were salt and pepper shakers of the 8. Also, all eight characters appear on the back of the Rainforest Cafe postcards. Finally, I saw a t-shirt with all 8 folks smiling back out at me.

There were attendants in the bathrooms. I know that will probably prompt more discussion than the rest of this post.

There is not much signage in the mall for RAIN so far. Also, the printed maps that you can pick up do not have it listed (like this is a surprise on their first day open?). Since the waits have been averaging 20 minutes (with 40 minute waits most of the day Saturday, I heard), then clearly people are finding RAIN already. With more awareness -- there was lots of media at the party, for instance -- the Cafe can only do better.

There were no "huge" stars at the party, it's true, but there were many celebs. For instance, CCH Pounder was there. Also, a man with a small entourage walked past me, and I spotted his name tag: Melvin. Hmmm.

I think that's about it. The place looks great, but it was hard to get a real sense of the actual workings of the restaurant, because it was wall to wall standing people with most of the tables removed. Great and busy staff. Darn fine stools at the Mushroom bar.

But no Mojo Bones. Guess I'll have to go back and eat for real sometime real soon.

the freep


Subj: So. Coast Party
Date: 09 Jun 1997 00:04:35 EDT
From: TwoTaylors
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Arrived around 6 pm and left about 7:30. No big stars while I was there, only minor TV personalities. Found a few Fools. Heard in conversation that Lyle B. had entertaied earlier in the day an Asian investor, who might want to build all the Asian Rainforst sites. Waits during the soft opening are averaging 20 minutes according to one of the trainers that was brought in from The Windy City. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, it was
wall-to-wall people. Visible on the parking garage near the Rainforest entrance was a neon Rainforest logo with frog, gorilla and etc. Don't know if this is permenant or only for to night, will check to see if it is there when I return next week. If permenant, it is a first to me, I don't remember any other signage on any of the other parking stuctures at So. Coast. This has to be one of the best locations--a real monsoon!



Subj: Re: Our company visit to RFC South Coast
Date: 08 Jun 1997 15:58:30 EDT
From: HERBO69
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Hi everyone
Went to South Coast Saturday night. We stormed the elephant stand with 18 people and 17 people 30 minutes behind us. The hosttess said it would be a one hour wait. At that time I laughed and whipped out my get in front of the line pass. She said she never seen one of them. She said she came from the Tyson's RFC. She then went and got Gary Morrow Director of Operations and he said he would work with us and gave me back my coupon. I asked him
about getting a phone line for Sunday night's chat room and he said he would see what he could do. He said he new you Rick and that he was familiar with Motley Fools. We went to the bar and started the party. In about 15 minutes they started to seat us. The 2nd wave came 45 minutes later and were seated in 10 minutes. The place was crowded until about 10pm. They close at 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The retail salesman said they have been busy
the first 2 days they have been open. The restaurant looked alot like MOA. The retail section is smaller than MOA maybe around 60-70%. They had alot of trainers from other locations. Met one from Sawgrass and one from Disney. They said they would be there for two weeks training the staff. The staff was very polite and friendly. The service was good not great but I was impressed with it for only being open for two days. Food was great. We did the
full boat (alot of drinks, appetizers,entrees, and 8 deserts). The total bill was around 1100. For what we had I thought was pretty good for 35 people. I took a survey of our people and they were amazed by the enviroment and loved the food. Nothing but real strong compliments from people that had never eatten at a RFC. All said they would return. The ones that don't have one in their areas said they can't wait until one comes to their town. Hope
to get on line tonight.

It is sure Raining hard in Southern California



Subj: Re: RAIN Food
Date: 06 Jun 1997 22:44:29 EDT
From: TMF Edible
Message-ID: <>

Rob or Robin, not all tastebuds are alike. Furthermore I am not Pollyanna. Of the half-dozen appetizers, almost a dozen entrees, and almost every dessert offered it's been rare that I stumble across one I have not enjoyed. The Jamaica Me Crazy, that being the blackened pork chops, didn't like it. The Chocolate Diablo cake, once bitten twice shied away. Now, heresy disclaimer noted, I am not a big fan of pesto so after the 10th forkful of Rasta
Pasta I have to call it a night on that favorite dish.

Still, I can't think of a chain that puts out better appetizers and desserts (I mean, I wanna know who did NOT like the bread pudding or the banana cheesecake). As far as chains go I really think only Cheesecake Factory has them beat on food.

But I can't think of a restaurant that is universally loved or loathed. So we have to go with more conventional ways of gauging popularity. You mention declining comps but the oldest unit, which will turn three come October, has been showing positive comporable sales since inception. Now, that has not been the case for the 2nd oldest unit, which was opened a year later. Yet, even there, while they were as bad as -15% earlier this year that
deficit is now in the high single digits. Not perfect but these units, in the suburbs where local repeat business dictates success, are faring well.

So, you might not like Rainforest Cafe's food, and that may even lead you to preclude that you may not like Rainforest Cafe as an investment, but it's the kind of thinking that people won't make return trips, that they'll be empty automaton zoos, that has been burned into the psyche of Wall Street already. Actual results disagree. And, maybe, that's why the company continues to beat earnings estimates, and put out stellar fiscal growth beyond

Success for RAIN is like etchings on a car's side mirror. . . objects are closer than they may appear.

Enjoy the abstinence,



Subj: LA Times
Date: 06 Jun 1997 21:44:17 EDT
Message-ID: <>

Just got home and turned on the PC. I can't believe that no one has mentioned today's LA Times article.

Featured Story, front page, business section; complete with two large colored pictures of gorillas, mist, rainforests etc. titled "Dining by Deluge" - Rainforest is Opening $6.5-Million Cafe at O.C. (Orange County) Mall. The article continued on another page with a black and white picture of a parrot, "Rainforest Cafe at a Glance": Headquarter, exchange, chairman name, concept, restaurant numbers annual sales. Finally it gave details of the
South Coast Plaza Specs:

Menu: sandwiches (7.95-10.95), pizza (8.95-9.95), pasta (8.95-12.95), salads (7.95-10.95), assorted entrees (11.95-15.95), desserts (3.95-4.95)

Employee: 350

Seats: 340

Size: 15,000 sq.ft, plus 2,200 sq.ft. retail store

Opening: Monday, June 9

Hours: (9:30a.m. - 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 9:30 a.m.-11p.m.. Friday and Saturday.

There you have it guys. As much coverage as I have expected from the business section of a major metropolitan newspaper. Now go get it. If someone can show me how to include a link to the web from these posts I would be glad to do so.


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