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Subj: Re: Go from bad to good investment
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 13:41:26 EST
From: HLam11791
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I invest my money based on valuation of the company. DOCSF have a very good line of products (see INFOWORLD Jan 97 for products comparision) rated #1 and MAKING MONEY. The balance sheet is clean, no debt and 100+ milions in cash. So I buy the stock at 7 ( 7 - 4.60 = 2.40). a 2.40 for a profitable operation is BARGAIN. A fact of life is that companies will not go bankrupt because they have alot of cash. What are values in FILENET, DOCS and
DOCUMENTUM (Losing money). ? DOCSF has 50% growth of their revenue for the last 3 years. To compare DOCSF with Bre-X is absurd. There are bad companies and good companies everywhere. US market is not an exception - check out Centenial Tech, Spectrum Tech, Mercuries Finance... Take your pick.
Good luck to DOCSF shareholders.

Subj: Re: Earnings Bomb
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 22:46:00 EST
From: WWEarthman
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Docs announced today that revenues will be below estimate and earnings will be only 2 cents. Blew another quarter. Did announce a stock buyback. My guess for tomorrow and the next 3 months-- stock price will drift between $5 and $6. The $3 a share in cash should lend support here. I intend to wait it out--- Co. can't go broke--- no debt and lots of cash-- and either they will turn it around in the next year or so or they will be bought out by
someone who thinks they can. Another software co. could probably combine operations and cut some of the sales and marketing expenses pretty good. Osten should be sweating his job security--- a few more bad quarters and I think we will see a buyout by HUMCF or DCTM.

Subj: Re: Earnings Bomb
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 10:22:55 EST
From: DHarris894
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I am very close to this company and have been monitoring this board for a while. I have been struck with the overall positive sentiment and loyalty to this company. In light of the recent disappointing stock performance and waning support for this stock I would like to point out some key points:

- The company is still making money even with massive investments in infrastructure and expenses. This was necessary to position the company for future growth. If you look back at industry analysts reports 9 months ago the word about DOCSF, DCTM and others was: who will be able to build the necessary infrastructure first. DOCSF has done this.

- In any stock the results you see today are the result of decisions and execution from 6-9 months ago. Doc. Man. has a long sales cycle. Keep in mind that in the last 4 months DOCSF has replaced the US VP of Sales, dramatically reorganized the sales force and has opened a suprisingly large number of new positions in the Sales force.

- The market has become very confused with the Internet, Lotus Domino and many new niche players. DOCSF was behind in several key areas: Compound documents and a complete Internet offering.

- DOCSF has been working aggressivly in these areas with a major extension of their architecture. Annoucments coming soon. The resulting compound document and Internet products will not just catch-up, they will leap frog the competition.

I'm not suggesting that you buy more stock. However I just wanted you all to know that the company is bullish on it's future and has a lot going on internally to make that future happen.

Andtheroff - Do you have any watches I can buy? mabey a bridge?

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