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Subject: THE PRB
Date: Tue, Dec 16, 1997 18:56 EST
From: Shellminer
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Prices are low in the PRB as we all know,however I have some hot
news for all of you! Enron has stated that they will own 20% of the
PRB within the next several years! They now own nothing and as
a matter of fact they have no coal holdings at all! Quite a feat.

Enron is interested in coal beneficiation processes for the potential
aquisitions and has looked at LFC! I don't know what other choices
have been looked at. They are continuing to look into this area.

Interesting with all the Arco properties up for sale as well as
possibly Zeigler being for sale.

Will advise and update soon. -- THE MINER--

Subject: Re: Tarred and Feathered !
Date: Sun, Dec 14, 1997 17:51 EST
From: OhMyNorge
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Interesting post. What are the major shareholders doing? Have they sold their shares or are they holding in there? How is the global summit in Kyoto going to affect this whole mess? Does the LFC technology help lower CO2 emissions per BTU generated to any degree.


Subject: Tarred and Feathered !
Date: Thu, Dec 11, 1997 20:34 EST
From: Coalstud1
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What is that rancid smell I detect in the air? It is the tar being heated
for Mr. Vyas's christmas tar & feathering! Who is that stirring the tar?
Could it be a couple of angery MAJOR shareholders? Maybe its a couple
of ex-employees that left because of him! Or perhaps it may be, - it looks like,-
could it be,- it looks like JOE SAVOCA!! (you have no friends Vyas)

Vyas is about to learn a very expensive lesson. YOU CANNOT RULE BY
INTIMIDATION!!!!! Ask the employees that left. The only way to remain at
Zeigler is to be a yes man and have no opinion of your own. He has made
many possilby fatal mistakes and misjudgements. Now they will bite him
in the ass! It seems if a class action suit is in the offing, we will get
tesimony from BOTH ex-employees AND current senior mgmt!!
Vyas, your "loyal yes man subjects" will turn on you in a heartbeat when
the shit hits the fan!! TAKE THIS TO THE BANK!!!

P.S. Vyas, that golden parachute is attachable in the event of your
losing a law suit! (advice- Hire Perry Mason)

Meetings with ex employees and Major shareholders went well. Don't see
company staying in one piece. $22-$24 price in jeapordy. $17-$19 may
be end of world for this piece of junk. Damage is deeper than even I thought.
To sell parts off now at todays coal prices is bad timing.

LFC is in serious question. How this ends up depends on its TRUE value.

PRB coal assets being looked at by several players and combination of
players.( Kerr-McGee, Enron, Southern, Morrison Knudson, etc)
Stay tuned.It will be an exciting winter. ( Don't worry Vyas, the tar will keep
you WARM!)

Subject: Re: I TOLD YOU SO !!!!
Date: Thu, Dec 11, 1997 17:14 EST
From: OhMyNorge
Message-id: <>

Those are my sentiments exactly. It is a gamble pure and simple. May lose a couple thoasand or make a couple. (commenting on shellminers post concerning SGII)


Subject: Re: I TOLD YOU SO !!!!
Date: Wed, Dec 10, 1997 20:28 EST
From: Shellminer
Message-id: <>

You want my thoughts on SGI. Tough question right now. Jury is still out.
However checking out Savoca has been a positive. He seems to be strong
and has a good past track record. Seems to be on a mission. Might be
the right guy to take out Vyas. Seems to have what it takes.( we'll see)

SGI is in a fragile state. Any delays could prove fatal. No cash and running
out of sources to get cash. Could be THE LAST HURRAH ! Worried about
a law suit from or with ZEI. Would probably run out of resources before
a settlement.

Technology seems ok but prices in PRB under terrible pressure. Fundamentals
not good right now. However , as we LONG TERM investors know these could
change dramatically in the 2 years it takes to build a plant. Problem is ZEI and
Vyas in particular do not have the insight to run short term at a loss to obtain
market share and market domination in the future! Short term thinking is the
downfall of Chand Vyas! (He will have some law suits very soon for his
incompetance!) He deserves it.

To whoever asked earlier, Yes ZEI has the potential to hit $23 if bought out.
I agree with coalstud on the $22-$24 maximum price. No more too many mistakes.

To sum up, Savoca must hit hard and fast if he is to succeed in his endeavors.
The clock is ticking and there out no timeouts. We will see what he is made of.
I have a feeling he just may be able to pull it off !



Subject: I TOLD YOU SO !!!!
Date: Sat, Dec 6, 1997 08:00 EST
From: Coalstud1
Message-id: <>

Thanks for the congrats Shellminer.Being right is really not a success
when it means the stock is doomed. Thanks again Vyas.

I told all of you on 9/20 that all this would happen. I stated that the
stock would go to 15. (Who needs a broker?) Again on 11/2 & 11/9.
Now we see it all unfold in the news.

Shellminer you were right, several very powerful shareholders raised
hell and still might start a class action suit. If any of you are reluctant
to join in just wait and see the GOLDEN PARACHUTE Vyas set
up for himself. It will make you SICK, SICK ,SICK !

Smart investors buy low and sell high. Well with Vyas in effect this
is how he sells out of a losing situation high without further trashing
the stock.He will be a mulimillionaire! Meanwhile we sit here with a
lousy stock price possibly at aloss for some of you who didn't sell
when I warned you. Is this fair? Certainly not! Watch the suit unfold!
This could be fun.

Now the million dollar question- What happens to LFC ?

Advice from COALSTUD, your on-line advisor, If you lost money
on ZEI then we must follow LFC. This is where we can make lots
of money if the situation works out right.Its too soon to tell what will
happen but you can bet your butt I will follow it and find a way to
profit from it!! STAY TUNED !

Shellminer I would like to here your findings on SGII and will do my
own research on the subject. I too am hearing Dennis Washingtons
name a lot. I also am hearing about comination with the ARCO
properties being sold.

Kidd, I believe peabody is out of the question. They are closing one
of their PRB mines (a big one 12 million ton/yr) due to adverse pricing.
Knowing this I doubt they would buy more. This by the way might help
supply/demand in the basin.

COALSTUD has spoken

Subject: Re: A couple of questions
Date: Thu, Dec 4, 1997 08:22 EST
From: KiddJJ
Message-id: <>

The good play here is SGI International they are going foward with LFC they have a excellent CEO in Joe Savoca and next year is the year for LFC, getting ready for the Clean Air Act for the year 2000


Subject: Re: A couple of questions
Date: Wed, Dec 3, 1997 23:28 EST
From: Shellminer
Message-id: <>

Well it finally happened! Coalstud I congradulate you on your homework!
We are both in line with what's going on.
Fact zei screwed up big time in several areas.
Fact SIGNIFICANT pressure was put on by MAJOR shareholders
as I previously pointed out would happen. These BIG guys have pull,
power and a LOT of other influential connections. Trust me, the fur flew!!!
Fact, unfortunately the ZEI lfc plant is now certainly on the back burner if not
out .
Fact, the encoal plant is currently mothballed. status now very uncertain.

SGI might be eventual beneficiary but may be delayed. Getting a new partner
could only be better NOT worse. ZEI was pitiful.(still doing homework on sgii)

Big potential bidders for parts or all of ZEI, names such as, Kerr McGee,
Southern Co, and guess who else? Morrison Knudson!! ( haven't we heard
that on these pages a few months ago?) Hello Dennis Washington Goodbye
Think price for company in $22-$24 range. Too much damage done to get
any kind of premium. (Thanks again Vyas).But doubt co will be sold in one
Would love to here from you COALSTUD. When you get a good handle on
whats going on please enlighten us.
For now we hunker down and see what happens.

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