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Subject: Re: No news
Date: Wed, Dec 3, 1997 18:56 EST
From: JWasiko215
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I too thought about a stock buyback, but I don't think they will given their pride in being debt-free. With $13,000,000 in cash as of Sept. 30th, they couldn't real drop their shares outstanding significantly. And I don't see them borrowing money to buy back shares, unless there was an external threat to them.

All that having been said, Zygo does owe it to the shareholders to do something. Maybe if they would announce something big we can get some momentum back.

I'm hanging on for the ride up.


Subject: Re: No news
Date: Tue, Dec 2, 1997 17:34 EST
From: Ektnyc
Message-id: <>

In the last two days we've had volume on avg. of 112,00 shares! Good to see some volume especially since heavy volume seems to come right before an announcement or big move up. The stock went to 23 today at 10:18 but backed away do to the weak tech. sector (Nasdaq down 24 points). The close, down 1/16, isn't bad but I think this stock is way undervalued. Having bought at 14 1/2 and 27 I think it may be time to buy some more before any big
announcement occurs. Looking at old charts the company has run up several times only to decline and then make up the decline plus much more. If we can stay above 22 look for some sort of a jump by the end of Jan 98.
As to Q4 I am hearing that it will beat estimates by a bit. I'd rather not wait till then, but if it means taking the stock above 40 or 50 that's fine with me. I think this would be a real good time for a stock buy-back or an aquisition, both would help the company and the shareholders.
I haven't heard any rumors but what about a takeover about now. I wouldn't want to give up the company because of long-term prospects, but there must be someone interested in Zygo that would love to get it at these levels.
Last thing, but does anyone know anything about Veeco Instruments or Smart Modular Tech. Veeco is in Zygo's field.
good investing,

Subject: No news
Date: Tue, Nov 25, 1997 22:20 EST
From: Zipcrash
Message-id: <>

Thing is, there is nothing out there that I can find to warrant any volume at all. If you follow ZIGO, you know the volume is usually anemic without news. Spread sucks most of the time too. Now, we are down over 40% in the last 2 months on, as near as I can tell,

(i) the "mild" heart attack of the ceo
(ii) blown merger.

but this is old news. nothing on the web site; nothing in the news services I have access to. Insider activity? dont know. But I will tell you, so far, I can see no reason fundamentally for this disheartening decline.

I still like the company and may continue to violate sound money management and average down.


Subject: What's going on?
Date: Tue, Nov 11, 1997 17:50 EST
From: Ektnyc
Message-id: <>

What is going on with this stock. I know Willis had a heart attack, but he's okay. I know the termentation of the Digital Instruments merger hurt, but we're down to 25. Isn't that a little dramatic?
Analyst projections continue to look good, and now the stock is at a p/e of about 18X '98 earnings. I'm hearing somewhat flat earnings until fourth quarter, but that shouldn't hurt this great tech. company to bad.

Off the topic, but watch C-Cube Microsystems (CUBE), a deal to put its dvd encoder chips in the top toshiba laptop computer was announced today, and takeover rumors are swirling. Up 3 today. At 25 13/16. Looking for 40-50 by year end.


Subject: Re: Operating earnings .30
Date: Thu, Oct 30, 1997 08:30 EST
From: Zipcrash
Message-id: <>

Revenues up 32%.

But thats not the real story. Need to figure look at sales/share to see the real increase. Sales per share are up 10.5% over 1Q97. Not bad. Still looking for the JUNE97 quarter sales number for sequential sales growth.

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