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Subject: Re: New low
Date: Mon, Dec 15, 1997 20:39 EST
From: Dlough1013
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Tax Selling has put this thing in the bargain basement. It will be interesting to see if "insiders" are again loading up. They always seem to jump in when the stock is down and unload when it runs up.


Subject: Re: New low
Date: Sun, Dec 7, 1997 22:38 EST
From: KenEkegren
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According to the latest 10-Q, Xicor had 34 million bucks in cash and short term
investments. At just under 20 million shares, that relates to $1.70 per share
in cold hard cash! If this stock drops much lower, it'll be worth buying just for
the money in the cash register, for goodness sakes.
Mgmt has made a bold move - increased inventory to protect from the stock out
situation that bit them in 1996-97. If the plan works for q4, the earnings will go thru
the roof. If not, it'll be languish city again. What a spot to be in. Jump back in or wait?
Technical Analysis isn't showing squat yet. And from a multi-year chart, this one
could go back into the two's. Ugly. But interesting. Ken

Subject: New low
Date: Thu, Dec 4, 1997 06:59 EST
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New low. Quite amazing. Pretty soon we will be down to a market cap of 1/2 of sales. My equanimity has something to do with my small caps being a set small percentage of my overall portfolio, plus the fact that some of my small caps are actually doing well, plus the good fortune of having IBM, NOB, USB, CP, LU, and (now one can admit it it) T as long term core large cap holdings. So I can watch Xico with some detatchment. But the money in Xico sure
has been dead in the water for many years. Being a holder of both Xico (and Aapl) at least keeps me from ever being overconfident about anything in the investing arena.


Subject: Re: Crowding 5
Date: Sun, Nov 16, 1997 20:08 EST
From: JeffBash
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I am amazed at your equanimity. Ten years ago the stock was over $10 and the Dow at 2,000. For it to have only kept pace with the Dow, it should now be at $40, instead of $4.
Minus roughly 60% in ten years means, in my book, a mgmt that should have long since been fired.


Subject: Re: Crowding 5
Date: Sun, Nov 16, 1997 11:34 EST
Message-id: <>

I still hold alot (for my level of investing) of this stock also. I do think we are protected here on the downside a little and I'm not going to panic to dump it here. IBD relative strength is at 3%. That is incredible for a technology company with a PE of 10 that has products on the little Martian land rover. Selling to avoid the losses doesn't help once the losses have already happened. I wish I had lightened up at 14 a year ago May but I was
a true believer at that time. The main problem is that this is not a growth company. It's revenues are quite static and any increase in unit sales always seems to be balanced by price erosion. And more and more R and D dollars are necessary to keep up with the treadmill. The same psychology that was tempting me to buy more at 14 in May of 96 (fortunately I didn't) is pushing me to dump it all here. I think both of these moves would be wrong. I'm
keeping on my plan of unloading 20% of my XICO holdings each quarter for the next 5 quarters, hopefully at a little price surge each time. Then if we are all wrong and the story changes and the revenues go to 40 million/quarter and higher (and if Santa Claus is real) then I'll participate in the run-up and I won't have to shoot myself watching it all happen after I've bailed out. (Particularly since I've been it it over 10 years).

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