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Subject: Re: reason for the drop
Date: Tue, Feb 10, 1998 08:41 EST
From: Maser1205
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At the conference call several analyst were somewhat confused on how yuri took a charge for the quarter for the acquisition, the company explained the reasons but some were not convinced the numbers were all that great, as far as the shorts the short increased last month by 2 millions shares so you need to do your homework before you speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been doing this too long!!! I know the business and I have the resources!!!!!

Subject: Re: reason for the drop
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 1998 08:41 EST
From: RPagn37326
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What do you mean analysts were confused about Yuri beating earnings estimates? And Yuri tried to squash what rumors? Why would someone short a stock that reported a better than expected earnings report? After all, the odds are against you, and how much stock does this major player own that it can affect the stock price, particularly on the day of a good earnings report? Makes no sense!

Based on the stock's reaction to the earning's report, I expect this stock to stagnate for 6 months until the pe drops significantly.

Subject: reason for the drop
Date: Mon, May 4, 1998 22:48 EDT
From: Maser1205
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at the conference call fri morning analyts were confused about yuri actually beating the streets expectations, yuri tried to squash the rumors but some people were not convinced, plus there has been a major player shortng the stock since dec. he must be leaning on yuri again!!!!

yuri is aware and confused of the drop nothing else they can do

stay tune

Subject: Re: .12 beats estimates by .03 !
Date: Mon, May 4, 1998 10:50 EDT
From: BigDoh
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Oh, are some posts missing here?? About the price
going WAY up on Friday?? I must have a bad problem,
looks like it went down on my system??

Just a reminder about how the SMART money works, you
sell on good news. Buy on bad...

YURI is VERY richly valued already, but, two quarters ago,
they exceeded, it went down, I bought, and made some nice
dough in the next two weeks.

So, always be ready for the sell on the good news, and add
to your positions. I established a new (for my 4th time) YURI
position today. I see the high cap as the problem, the high growth and
great products as the driver.

Just a trading opportunity, looking for 27 in two weeks. Too richly
valued for me to hold.


Subject: Re: Tomorrow
Date: Fri, Feb 6, 1998 00:19 EST
From: ChRoo1
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Yurie Systems, Inc. (301) 352 - 4600
Vertical systems predicted YURI would capture 28% of the $122 million WAN access market for 1997. That would be yearly revenue of $34,000,000. Problem is, YURI had revenues of $50 million for the year. Now, either YURI is actually extending their lead or the market is growing exponentially. Or, look out shorts, BOTH!!!!
Folks, estimates did not include acquisition. Why would the next 1/4 est. be only for a dime following a 1/4 with a dilutive acquisition in the slowest quarter of all. Whoever bought all those shares early in the week will be issuing some nice upwardly revised estimates and a 120 or so multiple will then be assigned to those new earnings. I suppose what I'm trying to say is hold those shares, watch the shorts run like hell, and dig the next
couple 1/4's earnings. Cool man.
Subject: Tomorrow
Date: Thu, Feb 5, 1998 16:21 EST
From: ChRoo1
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Dear Board,
The people who read this board will be thinking about selling into the strength that will drive YURI up tomorrow. This is the nature of the game we play. It happened last reporting date. It will probably occur tomorrow.
This time, though, I for one will not be selling a single share. The shorts that drove this stock down still have that position. Volume was good this week but not enough for them to get out. There are money managers out there chomping at the bit for the next Dell or CSCO. With the huge market out there for YURI products and technology(why do you think CEO didn't sell to LU) this stock has unlimited potential. 25 million out. Give me a break.
Buy your shares on the open tomorrow because once the big money comes in, which it will, you will have a great company with unlimited growth potential.
Good luck to all


Subject: Re: EARNINGS
Date: Mon, May 4, 1998 14:44 EDT
From: Tulipfund
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For someone new to this company can someone answer a few questions for me? 1. Who are Yurie's competitors? Since Cisco has said it plans on moving into high end telecom equiptment so that they can be provide soup to nuts networking service, is Cisco going to become a major competitor to Yurie anytime soon? 2. Is the fact that such a large amount of their sales comes from Splitrock a problem? How much equiptment can Splitrock order from them? 3.
What's the benefit to Yurie of the deal with Ericsson, since it just looks to me like Ericsson will resell Yurie equiptment to Splitrock, although maybe I'm missing something. 4. With the stock selling at over 100 times earnings (according to the WSJ), what will drive the stock price up? Will Yurie be able to grow their earnings at 100 percent a year, or does the stock price rely on momentum investors hopefully coming back in to the stock?
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All those opinions are quite indicative of how
investors are looking towards the future of the
company. My largest and least important concern is P/E ratio. P/E ratio for a growing company should not be
looked at in great deal...most young companies don't even have P/E's YURIE is actually making money!
The more important figure to watch is REVENUES and potential revenues. Take a look at the figures below:

Excluding the impact of the Data Labs, Inc.
acquisition, the Company's pro forma revenue for the
fourth quarter, was $17.6 million, representing a 168%
increase over the $6.6 million for the fourth quarter
of 1996 and a 25% sequential increase over the $14.1
million for the third quarter of 1997. For the year
1997, the Company's pro forma revenue totaled $51.0
million, a 136% increase over the $21.6 million in
revenue for the year 1996.

Those are incredible numbers! Revenues increasing both from last year and sequentialy from last quarter. How many companies out there today can post those kind of numbers quarter after quarter???

John Kontogianis AKA grider
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A previous poster wrote:
> For someone new to this company can someone answer a > few questions for me?
> 1. Who are Yurie's competitors?

The single biggest competitor to Yurie's products is
ADC-Kentrox (ADCT). They have got boxes positioned
almost feature for feature against each of Yurie's
offerings. That fact and the fact that ADC's products
have been out there longer notwithstanding, Yurie has
grabbed the biggest part of the pie for the ATM WAN
access market. Cisco and 3Com have some competing
products as do some small players such as Sonoma and
Hynex, but all eyes are on Yurie.

Yurie has some distinguishing features such as forward
error correction and patented congestion management
strategies. These give them a virtual monopoly in the
government/military application market, but they have
OEM relationships with Lucent, Ericcson, and Bay as
well. My whole reason for liking Yurie as an
investment lies in the fact that they have come to a
dominant position in this market segment and given
just their present share applied to projections for
the total market circa Y2K, I expect them to have
$300M in revenues by that year.

Given that the big guys such as Cisco really don't go
out and develop new products to enter a market, but
rather go the acquisition route, I don't see Yurie's
market share threatened by them. Now a Cisco takeover
of ADC would be scary, but there are probably a number
of reasons why that is not a good fit.

Just my 2 cents.
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