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I've been conflicted about this conflict and become demoralized about our moralizing, so I thought I would think a minute to put down some things I think I think.

* The "shock and awe" campaign seems to be a bust. The only reason to "shock and awe" would be to convince the enemy not to bother to fight, and, in case Fox News hasn't noticed, they're still fighting. Perhaps we should call it the "aw, and shucks" campaign.

* I'm still waiting for the pictures of the cheering throngs hailing the liberators who are rolling through their towns in giant 80-ton tanks. I was promised hundreds, no thousands, no, thousands upon thousands of them; so far I've seen one guy with a shoe hitting a poster of Saddam.

* Short version: They're actually fighting us! Why is that? Perhaps that would be a good essay question.

* The stock market is a joke. Up a zillion points on the first couple days of the war because "things are going so well", then down 300 points on Monday because it wasn't wrapped up by the weekend. And we have money invested in this thing?

* If there was ever a case of winning the war and losing the peace, this has the potential to be it. Well, this and the first Gulf War, I guess.

* According to one report I saw, we've already dropped more ordinance on Iraq in this campaign than we did during the last one. I can't help but wonder where it's all going?

* We've also dropped more leaflets telling Iraqi soldiers how to surrender, and so far they aren't, at least in big numbers like the last time. Maybe if we taped a leaflet to each bomb that would help? Just an idea.

* I notice that Saddam hasn't used any Weapons of Mass Destruction yet. It must be because
a) he's concerned about his image,
b) he's saving them for use near his very own bunker, or
c) he forgot where he put them, which is why he couldn't turn them over.

* The other alternative, that he doesn't have them is too remote a possibility to consider, unless you notice the long line of trucks from Al-Qaeda Van Lines leaving the country.

* Using the U.S. theory of "pre-emptive strike", Turkey seems to be positioning to do just that in the north of Iraq, saying that the Kurds there are "making trouble", and they might just have to wade in before anything bad happens. Sounds like a good policy to me.

* I also feel the same way about Montana.

* The concept of "embedding" reporters is fraught with peril, not the least of which is the elimination of objectivity. I wonder if this concept would look so good if we, say, embedded reporters in the Mayor's office, but told them they could only report what the Mayor says is OK to report?

* Still, I give the Pentagon kudos for managing the press; they've gotten really good at it.

* Not including Fox News, of course, which manages itself just fine. I hear the WarTime Pom Pom girls will be out on stage in just a few minutes, so let's kick back and open a brewski, whaddya say?

* I know it's only been a few days, but why does this war already feel longer than the last one?

* I enjoyed Michael Moore's rant at the Oscars. I also enjoyed the fact that he was booed. I also enjoyed the press coverage he got out of it. I thought the movie was just so-so.

* We really ought to start calling this the Dick 'n' Bush administration, and leave it to people's imaginations why.

* Now that the war has started, support for the President's actions is growing in this country, and it is growing for Tony Blair in England. This is a good lesson to learn in case you are ever in charge of a country and need to distract people from other things which aren't going so well, like, um, nearly everything.

* I just got finished with another fight with someone who says "Of course you have freedom of speech. You're just not allowed to use it." Does anybody have a retort for that, I mean, other than actually paying for a frontal lobotomy?

* I posted this here rather than in Political Asylum, because that board has become the equivalent of the lower half of the outhouse on my Uncle's dairy farm. There may be a lot of business going on there, but it's nothing you want to look at.
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