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Nobody said that the well off middle class retiree like yourself should get a free ride.

Hang on a sec. I think you're under the impression that we're "well off middle class who do not need Social Security". Not so! I was laid off in my late fifties with no pension (just my own hard saved and rather small IRA), and my wife was a PART TIME teacher for many years, so she has no pension, either. Social Security represents a large part of our income, so we DO depend on it.

Welcome to the world of means tested entitlements, Vermonter. Democrats wrang their hands about low income people who couldn't afford to buy meds ---- those people, the genuinely impoverished, get their meds for little or nothing in the way of premiums, fees, co-payments or deductibles. Nobody said that the well off middle class retiree like yourself should get a free ride.

I have no idea what "wrang" means, but if you reread my post(s), you'll see that my main complaint is not about the Part D program, itself, but is simply about the NEEDLESS COMPLEXITY of the program, thus making it difficult for some of the elderly to figure out how to simply secure the pharmacy benefits being offered.

This is not a complaint about "Democrats" or "Republicans"; it is, again, an observation about the unnecessary difficulty inherent in a system put into place, regardless of political parties.

As others have observed, must EVERYTHING have to immediately degenerate into some silly debate over political parties?

So what's your complaint? You are not participating. That's the only choice you really have to make. I don't understand why you aren't HAPPY with that option, rather than being compelled to participate in a program you don't like.

MY complaint? Personally, I have none -- about ME. We can cope, and we're doing so. My "complaint" was about plan complications that cause some elderly to unnecessarily struggle (and some of them do, believe me) to figure out how to actually get the drug plan benefits that SOME ONE (Democrats, Republicans or whoever) apparently intended for them to have! Simple as that.

In other words, yet again, I was commenting about unnecessary difficulties suffered by OTHERS. Is that a bad thing to comment about? Does it have to mark me as some kind of political animal?

Believe me, tens of millions of working people would like to have the chance to opt out of Social Security and quit paying taxes that make their way to you as benefits each month. THOSE people have something to complain about, in my view. You do not.

And that has what to do with my basic observation about plan complexity?
I worked for many years and paid SS taxes for MY parents and others, too. What's your point?

By the way, though similarly not relevent, I suspect that many millions of us would like the U.S. to opt out of this idiotic war that's draining trillions of our dollars, too, but I fail to see the connection to Plan D.

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