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SP (regarding Social Security.): Perhaps my liberal friends can give me some guidance on this kind of complicated issue. SHOULD government have a policy of encouraging early retirement?

As a matter of fact that was one of the primary purposes of Social Security when it was started in the Great Depression. Get the older workers out of the work force to make jobs for younger ones, many of whom were unemployed at the time. That's one of the features of a Depression, you may recall from your history classes. Of course there was also the intention to get some money flowing in the country's monetary system. Rather like priming the pump, to coin a phrase (exactly as that great liberal, FDR, said.)

That part of Social Security (to get older workers to stop working) seems to have been forgotten. By letting people draw Social Security at their retirement age, even if they continue to be employed is antithetical to the original intent.

The fact is that all the goods and services in the US are produced by a minority of the people, including those with jobs. Much, if not most, of the "work" done nowadays is just so much paperwork. Very few workers actually do anything really necessary. You may be one of those that actually contribute something of real value. The rest are on a giant WPA program. All insurance, most banking, government, and many other "useful" jobs are just moving paper from one pile to another, or shuffling electronic data. The reason is just for bookkeeping. Useless otherwise, if you think about it.

This liberal diatribe is just by way of saying that we really don't need all those workers, nor the "work" that they so proudly contribute (all the while disdaining the "welfare queens" who actually contribute about as much useful output as they do).

I thought you might like to see what a real liberal concept is, as compared to your fantasies.

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