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Spoken like a true beaurecrat.

Ha! Yeah, we opera singers are fairly devoted to procedural details.

Since you are homeschooling your children, you might want to revisit how that word appears on their spelling test. To make it fun, you could toss in words like bureau, beautiful, eurocrat, bureaucracy, democrat, democracy, beatitude and a few others to make sure they have grasped the correct arrangement of all the letters.

I had written:

But I certainly will question his judgement based on what he wrote in his post. Some of it was so far off the mark of rationalization that all I could do was shake my head and mutter "unbelievable".

You can feel free to call me whatever name you deem appropriate for your enjoyment - and spell it however you want to while you are at it ;-) , but the impetus for my comments above were these three paragraphs which contain underlying issues which I personally find troubling and caused me to mutter the word unbelievable in the first place:


•No teacher, and no Administrator, and no Government Policy shall override my instructions to my child - instructions which I have given him for reasons that I consider to be good, and sufficient, and necessary. He is my child. He is my responsibility. Any authority that the school or the teacher has is derived authority; mine is the fundamental and primary authority.

•A school policy which supercedes my particular instructions to my child shall be ignored, or flouted, or changed. In the alternative, I shall find another and more reasonable school for my child. No teacher shall give my child instructions or orders that directly contradict my orders to my child. Period. The teacher who does that, knowing that he/she is doing it, will face grave physical danger, and I am not joking.

•I also understand that there is a growing body of law out there that purports to deny that I am the primary source of authority over my child. Such laws are evil and not to be obeyed. Any and all attempts to enforce such evil laws are to be resisted with whatever means prove necessary.


Keep in mind that Jim had posted an earlier situation on this board that he had confronted with regard to rules/policy at a school (child being marked tardy for school due to Jim and child stopping to assist with a motorist who had been involved in an accident) which invoked an initial reaction of rage/anger towards the authority figure at the school who was responsible for making such an inflexible choice at the time. I was in complete agreement with Jim that it was a poor choice at best - okay, idiotic to be blunt - that marking a child tardy due to circumstances of one citizen stopping to aid another citizen in a time of need was well worthy of a great deal of flexibility in the routine policy of being in one's desk at the 8 AM bell.

Rage and anger towards authority are all fine and good for those that need such an outlet, but when I read comments like "The teacher who does that, knowing that he/she is doing it, will face grave physical danger, and I am not joking" or "any and all attempts to enforce such evil laws are to be resisted with whatever means prove necessary" it certainly had me contemplating some of the underlying issues that would cause one to have come to such a conclusion in their thoughts in the first place. That's why I felt compelled to post at least a couple of comments. The Wild West was nice while it lasted, but a parent who feels that grave physical danger is the answer to rules, regulations, authority and the "system" should be questioned, challenged and dealt with right up front. If calling me a "beaurecrat" [sic] due to my concern with what I find troubling in Jim's comments is earned - so be it. I'll take the name label because I would rather be concerned and note that concern in public while pointing something out than have Jim or some other parent act out their aggressions.

Interesting that the thread spawned a lot of side issues such as:

• authority control
• questioning authority
• home schooling
• negotiating the daily logistics of divorce/dual custody
• logistics of conducting an off campus field trip
• initial reaction to plans gone awry
• calling for the defamation of a substitute educator
• name calling and childish intercourse between Z and BB

Plenty of fodder for numerous debates that would probably end up exactly where we began between all of us. Not agreeing on anything.


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