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I read an article in PCMagazine about spyware (March 2003 I think). In case you are unaware, Spyware is the label given to cookies that allegedly track your web surfing. The article detailed the problem of website programmer's adding these cookies without fully disclosing their intent which again is to track your internet activity.

I do not have any problem with a programmer doing this if (s)he gets permission, but I am uncomfortable with the idea that several companies are going to track my family's web surfing activity without my knowledge. I just had a newborn son. So, maybe I am simply in "overprotective mode" of my family's privacy. However, this really bothers me.

So, I took PCMagazine's advice and went with the spyware that they recommended (this one is free if you are interested):

I found the program easy to use and within a matter of minutes had it working. True to form, it found over 200 cookies that had been tracking our internet activity. I then selected "Fix selected Problems" and in no time it had these cookies deleted.

Now, my current problem: I occasionally run this anti-spyware program to clean off my computer. It always finds at least 7 spyware cookies on my machine (usually the same 7). I have no trouble wiping them off. However, I would like to find a way to prevent these specific cookies from getting on my computer without eliminating every cookie. (I keep getting the image of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster in my head everytime I use that word, but I digress...)

The anti-spyware program has an "immunize" feature. However, either I am not using it correctly or it is not capable of preventing selected spy-ware cookies from saving themselves on my machine.

If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear it. Thanks for reading this far down.

- Opie

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Hey Opie,

Being concerned about security and privacy on the Net isn't being over-protective, it's being smart!

There are lots of cookie filters out there, one of them being WebWasher; (Does more than just filter cookies)

Here's a site with Freeware and more cookie filters;

Don't forget to use Google when looking for programs.

Here are two great sites for checking whether a program is actually spyware or not;

What version of Windows and Internet Explorer are you using? IE 6.x can block cookies without having to add any more programs.


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Analogx has POW which is one of many cookie watchers/eliminators.

Ad-aware and spy bot are other spyware pgms.

This has been discussed in detail here, look back a histroy for more info.
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Thanks for the info guys.

My operating system soon will be XP Pro. I am going to format my hard drive and start over. My internet explorer is 6.0.2.

My ultimate goal is to have a black list of cookies that are prevented from ever saving on my hard drive. I will try the suggestions that both of you mentioned.
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I forgot to mention

Lots of info here about Cookies and different Freeware and Shareware programs.

If you're already using IE 6.x, then go to Tools-Internet Options-Privacy-Web Sites-Edit and you can add ANY web site you wish to Always Allow or Always Deny cookies from.

On the same Privacy screen-Settings-Advanced and set the rules you wish to use for accepting or denying cookies. I have Prompt First Party and Block Third Party cookies.


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Netscape 7.0. Awesome Cookie Manager. Does exactly what you were wanting to do.

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