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....don't tell anyone but I have stopped drinking, no seriously I have, I never noted the date but its been a while (over a few months), shhhh, fingers crossed
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so ho did I start to stop?
(still sober)
well, it happened a few months ago, I got drunk as usual and had a MASSIVE hangover, migraine and I could not leave my bed for a day, I just thought it was a coincedence, but it happended the next week, now I only get 2 days off a week and I was spening 1/2 of them in my bed dying a death, something had to change.
SO I did my usual, gave up for a week and went back to it, then I spent another day in bed with a migraine, and this was the worst one ever, I thought I was dying man.
All this for what? A couple of hours drunk, a couple of hours away from my tedious life? No thanks, so this time I gave up completly, I am not saying its been easy but NOT thinking about it too much is what has got me thru this time, the last time I was counting the days and that just made me focus on the drink more.
So, its been a couple of months and I am doing okay, my only regret is not writing down the day I stopped drinking, but thats one small loss.
Notice something different? I am awake on a Sunday morning, that NEVER happened before!


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