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I found this interesting.

St. Louis Machinists President: Keep 777X In Washington

The president of the machinists union in St. Louis says Boeing should build the 777X in Washington.

And he’s angrily denying reports that his members would accept the Boeing contract recently rejected by Northwest machinists. The Missouri legislature is currently meeting in special session to consider a Boeing incentive package.

This week, the Wall Street Journal’s aerospace reporter tweeted a claim by Republican lawmakers in Missouri. They said the state’s Governor Jay Nixon had told them that Boeing machinists in St. Louis would accept a contract like the one Washington machinists soundly defeated last month.

St. Louis machinists union president Gordon King says he saw a similar report on his local news.

“That is totally false,” he says. “I have never spoke to the Governor about that.”

King says he would not even present to his members the contract Boeing offered machinists here. Not only that, he says the 777X should be built in Washington.

“My brothers and sisters in Seattle are the most qualified and experienced to perform that work.”

King says if Boeing decides to go elsewhere, he’d like to see the work stay with the machinists and come to St. Louis.


I don't think he'll have to worry. Boeing's current management will seek out the cheapest, least qualified workers they can find.

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I don't expect the 777A to be built in StL, but for a different reason.

The St. Louis Boeing facility builds military planes. It's the old McDonnell-Douglas company. The Seattle Boeing facility builds passenger aircraft. They are very different animals.
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Perhaps they'll bring it to TX?

I know people who work at Lockheed Martin.

Texas Aircraft Manufacturers Companies

Manta has 184 results under Aircraft Manufacturers Companies in Texas

We got plenty of new immigrants from around the US, and a govnor that supports low pay jobs.

What could go wrong?

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