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Steve:"As I read through this thread, I keep remembering Obama's biblical echo: "I am my brother's keeper; I am my sister's keeper." "

Surely you joke! Obama has a half brother in Kenya who needed $100 to go to college. Did Obama help him out? Nope...his half brother is living on like $1.50/week in a slum in Narobi, Obama's 'home' country and he one with "Dreams of his Father'.

Obama's idea is spending OTHER people's money on 'his brothers and sisters' not his own money.

His 'Uncle' in Boston is about to be deported again. He's a bum and has no legal means of support....did Obama give him a dime or help him out? Nope.

Same for Auntie- a border runner, been here illegally for 30 years, living on welfare....did Obama give her any 'support'? Hell, no. He only advocated that OTHERS support her with government housing and handouts!

OBmaa talks a lot, but delivers nothing when it comes to HIS money. Before he ran for office, he didn't even give to charity.


Steve:"What seems to most infuriate conservatives is the idea that we might just owe something--and I'm talking a broader moral, not strictly financial obligation--to anyone outside our immediate clans."

Yes, we educate them, through high school and often with help for college. We provide them infrastructure.

But your 'welfare' society now has 30-40 million leeches, knowing only how to get 'benefits' from the government and a lack of responsibility for themselves and their lives.

Sorry..... we don't 'owe' much of anything to anyone.

People don't have a right to demand to dip into your wallet for any reason at any time, other than 'you have more than they have and they want it'.


Steve:"That our futures are inextricably interwoven with those of others, and that leaving people to fend _entirely_ for themselves results in a less just, less democratic, and consequently less free society."

Hey, it's life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness., not a guaranteed nice income, a house and 20 acres, and apple trees in the back yard and a 20 hour a week job supervising others when you feel like it.


steve:". But given the extraordinary degree of wealth disparity in the U.S., there are entrenched interests that go Chicken Little at every modest attempt to provide a minimum social safety net."

Minimum , yes. 47% of the population not paying taxes - NO

Tens of millions sucking up benefits? Generations of welfare weenies and queenies who make more on benefits than actually can make working? Yes.....

SOrry...the welfare state has gone way way way too far.


Steve:"I am more than happy to see my FICA taxes go to help current and future retirees."

Your money is squandered the moment the government gets it. Turtle tunnels, bridges to nowhere, flower and butterfly museums, airports for Senators with 2 flights a day, Solyndras and 30 other failed greenie companies.

It pays not a dime to 'future retirees'. It is wasted instantly.


Steve:" Some day, we will learn to make the modest adjustments--e.g., raising the contribution cap for taxes--that will quickly and easily restore longer-term program solvency. "

More like raise it 25% on everyone.


Steve:"To reach that point, we need to move past our jaded "Citizens United" climate, in which corporate monoliths overwhelm the interests of individual citizens, most of whom understand the cultural value of basic common protections."

Is that why Obama started up a for profit lobbying corporation himself? To raise hundreds of millions for dem lobbying and action?


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