No. of Recommendations: 3

HH: Mark, do you think any members of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite are asking themselves if they did their job well during the presidential campaign in light of a hot war in Israel ten days after that campaign is over? Or do you think they are blissfully unaware of how badly a job they did in talking about the most important issues like what will we do with an Islamist Egypt backing Hamas?

MS: No, I don’t think they think about that at all. I mean, you can tell that at that press conference yesterday, the most ludicrous, stupid, embarrassing questions from the court eunuchs. The idiot from the New York Times asking a question on global warming? Some giggly, little schoolgirl from Chicago wetting her knickers, saying that she’s watched Obama win every time? I mean, you’re supposed to be grown men and women. You made fools of yourselves. He gives his first press conference in whatever it is, one, two, three, 12 years, and you don’t even think about extracting any meaningful information from him.
Heh, heh, i thought the same thing when i heard the global warming question.
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