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The two proposals which you outline for means testing and expanding the tax to an unlimited amount would in effect penalize those who pay the most into the system. This would either eliminate the benefits for those fools who have earned and saved their money and invested wisely for their retirement, or make the tax an unlimited punishment to those
who have tied their earning power to their wages or labor.

I am absolutely against this. We must be fair to those few (less than 5 percent of taxpayers) on whom the rest of society depends for leadership, entreprenuership and the savings that funds the wonders of capitalism. You must know that you are addressing those people when you
write to fooldom. It is not Warren Buffet who you are after. You are out to punish the successful for a paltry benefit to the hoards of people who give little thought to tomorrow.

This is a soak the rich attitude which I find abhorent.


Leroy Bolt

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